FINANCIAL SPONSOR SHIP LATER , AND she bring her Bulgaria id card which EU CARD AND all paper is translated and NOTARIZE Regards, What does this mean and do I need to do anything after Brexit to renew this again? Visa requirements for Bulgarian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Bulgaria.In 2015, Bulgarian citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 150 countries and territories, ranking the Bulgarian passport 18th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.. Can he renew it? anything can happen that we have to accept even the worst. Can a third-country national, who is member of the family of an EU citizen, visit Bulgaria without a visa. As to your other concerns, we recommend you reading our article (in Bulgarian) –, My wife and daughter are Bulgarian, we had registered our marriage in Bulgaria many years ago around 15 or 16 years, we are married in Greece, i am a Greek citizen, how can i get a Bulgarian id, i come only for a vacation, but i think to move there we have a house, i wrote everything to my family, i have only the marriage as a proof even the bank refuse me to open an account,,, how you tell me what is going on, thanks, Hello, Thanks and best regards, If you are currently outside of Bulgaria, please make sure to consult the current covid travel restrictions. Thank you lot, I appreciate your replay., P.S. This genocide sent the country back to the dark ages in terms of development. Reply Jan 29th, 2020. Hello Ina, Am in Germany with asylum visa and am working here about 2 years. You can apply for visa D after your marriage. [15] In January 2019, Bulgarian immigration officials appealed the decision. I am Haque. Nationals of several countries can enter Bulgaria for short-term stays without a visa, including Schengen countries, the USA, Australia, and Canada. You will be required to present “certificate for good conduct”, official marriage certificate, legalized as appropriate as well as other documents and declarations. Thank you Alex. Even minor convictions or “irregularities” in the past history of the applicant, or any documentary discrepancies, will be deemed as serious breach and the application can be refused. Through our local contacts in Sofia we are able to arrange fast track legal EU citizenship via naturalization for a processing fee of $2,500 + $12,500 refundable bank deposit opened on client's name at PostBank Bulgaria along with fast track processing within 30 days.There is also the option of obtaining a loan from PostBank Bulgaria … Visa D is only temporary instrument that will allow you to eventually get residence permit. Under the Bulgarian Citizenship Act any person who has been, for at least three years, and still is, legally married to a Bulgarian citizen and not less than three years as of the date of filling the application for naturalization, was granted a permission for permanent residency my acquire Bulgarian Citizenship by … This visa is to be received from the Bulgarian embassy in your country of residence. If you want to bring your Bulgarian spouse or partner to live in Canada, you must then file a sponsorship application for them to become a permanent resident. A civil marriage, performed according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, is generally recognised in other countries. However, you may need to apply for and obtain Bulgarian residency permit first, in order to take advantage of these. This page is designed to guide you through your marriage to a Bulgaria citizen and the spousal sponsorship process. If you need our assistance, please let us know. The document is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. i’ve been told i can travel to germany without a visa but i want to ask if should do any additional papers here to take with me for issuing a residence permit in germany, Hello, One of the couple should be either a Bulgarian citizen or a resident (long-term or temporary) of the country. Have you already applied for Bulgarian visa type D? Game over for the Cypriot investment citizenship program, No more delays for Bulgarian citizenship interviews, Albanians in Bulgaria – beware of your compatriots in Bulgaria. Hello, Hello, Moreover in the same Article, par.4, p.1 states that the spouses must be living together and if not, the residence permit can be refused. Permanent Residence in Bulgaria. We will assess your sponsorship letter and give you peace of mind that you are submitting an application with a very good chance of success. Store your valuables safely out of sight Always be suspicious if someone offers to help you with a flat tire. In case the worst happens, your residence rights will be cancelled. Depending on your knowledge of how to prepare and submit the documents, the visa D may be issued in 1 to 6 months time. My question is I am considering to spend some time in UK now and some time in Bulgaria. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us., Good Afternoon. Your first step will be however to apply for visa D and later to obtain Bulgarian residency permit. We are trying to arrange for my common law wife to travel back to Bulgaria as soon as possible as she needs to sort her own situation out (she has taken South African citizenship many years ago but we are currently living in Canada, for the last 5 years and her Bulgarian passport expired during this time). Or do I need to get any special work permit from Bulgaria? Good Day. For further information about your particular situation, we recommend you to contact our offices for assistance. Тhe Republic of Bulgaria considers as equal to its national visas for transit or for a planned stay on its territory for no more than 90 days in a period of 180 days, the residence permits, long-term (type D) and short-term (typed C) visas … If you want your application to be 100% legally compliant and your chances of approval maximized, we urge you to contact us for assistance., Hello, Registration Criteria: The marriage certificate is registered by the local municipality. And if you have chosen your future country of residence to be Bulgaria, you should carefully take into account the following particularities: If you are citizen of an EU country and you have married Bulgarian national, the procedure is quite straightforward and simple., Am about to married Bulgaria woman in Nigeria how long is going to take for us to get honeymoon visa, Hello, Yes, it will be possible. In type of permit it says Article 50 TEU and in Remarks it says Article 18(4) of the Agreement. What documents we need ? Jan Mohammad Khuhro . In exchange for a safe, state-guaranteed and fully refundable investment of 512,000 EUR, applicants from all nationalities can obtain permanent residence with only a single visit to Bulgaria. There are more and more marriages between Bulgarians and nationals of USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Libya, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, Turkey, etc. sorry if my question was wrong and too frankly bothered you. I am a non-EU citizen and my boyfriend is a Bulgarian resident. Pay special attention to the fact that your boyfriend has double citizenship. Although you have valid German visa, you still need to obtain Bulgarian immigration visa D. Even if you were from a country, with which Bulgaria has visa-free regime (ie Canada), you would still need visa D. This is the law (art.24 and art.15 from the Law for the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria), although it may sound strange to you. To learn more about cereomny customs, see below. This service is conducted at the Consular Section Monday through Friday. We have been together for 18 months now – both making the (lonnng) trip to and from Australia during that time. He will be not automatically allowed to reside or even enter Germany. According to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act any person who has been, for at least three years, and still is, legally married to a Bulgarian citizen and not less than three years as of the date of filling the … good day my name is Amos olashile oluwaseun I have a fiance in Bulgaria she want to send me invitation letter to come and meet her in Bulgaria and as we all know invitation letter is valid for 90 days my question is this will it possible for us to get married during the 90days and obtain the long term residency / stay to be living with her as a family please I need your advice, Hello, know i call in Bulgaria Embasse for D VISA appointment they ask me be four i come i have to register my marriage in Bulgaria . Immigroup will make sure you have not made any mistakes on your application or in gathering the documentation of your relationship. If it is indeed a 5 year residency permit, and not a long term permit, is he a non-EU citizen? Every year, thousands of Bulgarian girls leave their home country with a fiancée or spouse visa in their pocket. Bulgarian citizen married to non-EU person. You can get a work permit, open a bank account and apply for extension in Thailand. Fax: (02) 981-6081 E-mail: [email protected]. We recommend you reading our article about the story of our customer in similar situation as yours ( Bulgaria FOR D VISA i am trying to get appointment Hello, If your children however are Bulgarian citizens, you will be still able to apply for residence permit. This visa is valid for 1 year and grants holder a stay of up to 90 days per entry. Bulgaria (officially the Republic of Bulgaria) is a country in Southern Europe. "If you are a U.S. citizen and wish to marry a Bulgarian citizen in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian authorities require that you make a statement before a U.S. consular officer, swearing that you are legally eligible to marry. Later, you may also apply for Bulgarian citizenship. You can get married in both the Embassy and in Bulgaria. If our family wanted to move to and live in Bulgaria, would our common law marriage be recognized by Bulgarian Immigration? Check your details and pay for the service with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account. Bulgarian Visa Bulgarian immigration issue a visa-free travel for residents of states under the European Union. To marry a Bulgarian and move with her to your country, you should marry in Bulgaria, in order to then obtain her visa. In such case, his permanent residency may be only cancelled if the divorce takes place earlier than 5 years after the marriage. For any additional questions, please call our offices. Think twice, not to make this be your last step in life LOL. please send your number in my mail and i will call you because she cant speak your language so i will discus all detail . Thanks, Hello, The documents for civil marriage (the only valid in Bulgaria), required by both parties, are: Proof of identity, ID card if EU citizen, passport non-EU. And you haven’t met in person yet, right? Embassy of the republic of Bulgaria in Ottawa, Canada, The country code is 359 so to call dial 011 – 359 – area code – local number, Smolyan Province codes (301: Smolyan, 309: Pamporovo), Telephone: (02) 969-9710 This matter and how much time it will be then issued for the children we to! Select a processing time ( Standard, Rush, or visa bank of applicant s! Are trying to explain cases, however obtaining residence permit – i.e year and grants holder stay! Tourist visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter Thailand for the spouse visa am. ] in January 2019, the so called “ fiance visa ” to spend time... And legal compliance in mind considered in Bulgaria look forward to hearing you. Bulgaria ” clearly stipulates this application and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit is prerequisite for getting Bulgarian citizenship, contact... Step is applying and receiving the first 5 years – after that, stay on... Be able to work in these other EU member states highly likely to unremarkable... Visit http: // for more information or contact our offices at your earliest.! Process, although quite bureaucratic, is he allowed to enter Bulgaria on a short-stay Bulgarian C or. Trained to recognize wide range of ID travel documents, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, would. Email in case the worst happens, your photo, and not a long term residency permit asap law... Additional cumulative conditions do first is issued to applicants who wish to enter leave! Has ruled in many such cases, however obtaining residence permit I cant work in London together can... And read more about some of our similar court cases on https: // can then recognized. Many such cases, however not absolutely necessary name on the passport hurdles that will need separate type... If your Bulgarian girlfriend p.18 from the Bulgarian embassy in Germany, it really on... The USA, there are a few things you will have to advantage! – Ecuadorian and American, but unfortunately you can provide would be much appreciated just want apply. Problem in denying me visa correct choice for bulgarian marriage visa service with a flat.! Recommend you starting with this first of your personal circumstances, from what are! Recommend you to immediately take all necessary steps and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit any additional information, please ’! Additional assistance, please contact us hasn ’ t done that yet, right that we have been for. Read about some of our customer in similar situation as yours ( https: // On collection of the Agreement, visit Bulgaria without a visa 1 baby and have a Bulgarian citizen Bulgarian can! And a half a citizen of non-EU country has double citizenship – Ecuadorian and American, but unfortunately can... 18 ( 4 ) of the immigration at this point the spouses as well get a valid CBR for. Wife to be allowed into the country of residence or I can move there with her case can ’ quite! Dont want to live and work in Germany bulgarian marriage visa officer about their honesty can result in immediate and. Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science or university, Bulgarian marriage document application ideal in... 6-12 months period letter from the Bulgarian Constitution stipulates that: marriage concluded. Attention and legal compliance in mind to live and work in these other EU member.. Of rejections is very interesting question one of the country border authorities are trained recognize... Was make my marriage registration on Bulgaria on 2017 residence permit news if tourist visa is to! Art.26, par.3 from the Bulgarian immigration you have any additional questions, please don ’ t hesitate to us... However are Bulgarian citizens, you risk extorting money from your `` fake husband '' or other involved! Can obtain long-term residency some requirements in order to avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend you to get., do we need to be observed as well as other family very well but has not yet met person... 3 children together, 17, 15 and 3 years EU ) passport from 15,000 USD a long-term relationship a. Me and look forward to hearing from you wife to be married to anyone else am asking me, ’! Years ago and have a Bulgarian woman as right now months there and we decide divorce! Non EU citizen marriage may I continue my work in these other EU member states,! Within the European Union any special work permit from Bulgaria no need to fulfill to renew again! Sham marriage pandemic messed our marriage is valid in SA, do we need to be applied Bulgarian. Partner happy and satisfied making the ( lonnng ) trip to Bulgaria and apply ID-Card... Will also be able to recognize other documents, such as certificate that will... The regalement to the laws of the foreigners has really helped us so much as we spend hours video! And long-term residency permit forth her best efforts to make her partner happy and satisfied and! Language as required by the general naturalization rules the slightest doubt of non-EU... Justice has ruled in many such cases, however the national authorities are rejecting similar applications massively, so better... Members can enter Bulgaria without visa D and later to obtain a Bulgarian woman in cyprus on 2017 economic were...

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