spotted hyaenas communicate with each other by sounds - some of which are audible to humans, others are not. 3 These are of a dingy white, splashed, spotted and speckled with reddish-brown. Tyra Banks, Kate Walsh and Sara Ramirez are just a few of the fashionable ladies who can be spotted wearing one of his opulent, one-of-a-kind designs. However, it contains only one independent clause. Accessed 27 Jan. 2021. The most conspicuous of which is the spotted deer. Any shading on the body will show the underlying tabby pattern which may be ticked, spotted, mackerel or classic. Fungi and molds: Powdery mildew and other molds and fungi attack the leaves, turning them brown, white or spotted. Sanjay and I followed at a more leisurely pace, and he spotted a sea snake, with yellow spots. Marine life is made up of crustaceans, echinoderms, spiny black sea urchins and a resident school of spotted sweetlips. If we take for instance the skins of animals that are striped or spotted, we have the best possible illustration of natures methods in this direction. I'm sure I spotted Her Majesty buttering the scones! Fred and the Bird Song Five were spotted by first locating the largest stash of trash. A compact grower, with small but dense leaves, finely spotted. The group includes epidemic and endemic typhus fevers, tick-borne typhus, scrub typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. spotted hyenas were 'laughing ' made for some surreal video footage! ‘The spotted owl case of 1990, which put federal forests in the Pacific Northwest off limits for logging, is one of the most notable.’ ‘The cover shows a man in white suit with a ridiculous polka dotted tie, even more absurd spotted socks, and clownish white and black shoes.’ 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Pierce County Sheriff Department: The deputy continued hiking toward the sound of the dog's barking, and spotted a dog matching the description of Daisy up … Celebrities such as Madonna, Halle Berry and Jon Bon Jovi have been both involved in campaigns and spotted sporting the eyewear. How to use spotted in a sentence. Orchids on the east slope include common twayblade, marsh helleborine, common spotted, fragrant and bee. deepened when I got closer and spotted a third occupant crammed sideways in the back. Even when the majority of men had their clothes tailor-made, the best suits could always be spotted by a discerning eye, and everyone knew this was a man of some stature. A few linings are made from entire skins and others are made from the quite white pieces, which in some instances are spotted with the black ear tips of the animals to resemble ermine. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. In the light cast onto the path, a small, long, slender spotted tabby cried to be let in. The general colour of the surface is dark grey above and white below, variously marbled and spotted with shades of grey. interrupta, the prairie spotted skunk or "hydrophobia cat") are found in nearly all parts of the state. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Alicia Keys, Ron Silver, Felicity Huffman, and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted wearing some of Beiner's creations. Getting spotted with Morris or Molly Dancers earns 30 points. “Spotted.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Today, designers have gone above and beyond to design plus size clothing that is just as fashion forward as anything spotted on the runway. Lights from lasers and muzzle fire spotted the forest below them before they reached an urban area, mostly dark with several patches of electricity. He rubbed it, vexed, and spotted one zombie-vamp moving slower than the rest. Entries with "spotted" cat: …like a cat on a hot tin roof like herding cats like the cat that got the cream little spotted cat lolcat Maine Coon cat, Maine Coon Manx cat, Manx marbled cat native…. In TLC the sample to be analyzed is spotted onto the bottom of a plate coated with a thin layer of silica gel. How many times have you walked down the street and spotted someone wearing a team jersey? The genet proper is a small white spotted cat found in Europe, but the quantity is too small to be of commercial interest. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer were spotted together in New York City on New Year's Eve. He took us along the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge where I spotted a small shop selling beautiful glassware. The Oscar winner and pop star were spotted dining together a few months ago at a Studio City restaurant to talk about living a sober life. spotted meaning: 1. covered in small, usually round areas of colour: 2. covered in small, usually round areas of…. I spotted few misprints, tho Maud Gleason's name is twice misspelt on p. 12. The accident didn't slow down Lohan's pace at all, as she was spotted less than two days later leaving a club and falling to the ground before being carried to her friend's car. - Antlers flattened or rounded, without bezor trez-tine, the beam dichotomously forking, and one or both branches again forked, so that the number of tines is at least four; brow-tine forming a right angle or a continuous curve with the beam; coat of adult generally more or less uniform, of young spotted. Some very sharp-eyed lookouts spotted the floating mines before any of our flotilla made contact. Currently, four data platforms exist to track array production, reporter (spotted sequence) annotation, microarray experiments and expression data. It is the home of the Columbia black-tail deer, western raccoon, Oregon spotted skunk, Douglas red squirrel, Townsends chipmunk, tailless sewellel (Haplodcn rufus), peculiar species of pocket gophers and voles, Pacific coast forms of the great-horned, spotted, screech and pigmy owls, sooty grouse, Oregon ruffed grouse, Stellers jay, chestnutbacked chickadee and Pacific winter wren. Common Spotted Orchid Dactylorhiza fuchsii Summer 2002 was a disappointing year for Spotted Orchids on the local protected verge. Turning from the window, she spotted Jonathan climbing the stairs. The black man, the passenger spotted in the stolen Buick, had been apprehended when he returned to the vehicle to retrieve his overnight satchel. He spotted [a] 4-foot rattlesnake in the trail about 6 feet in front of us. Cora had spotted a car, a black Buick this time, but had not written down the license plate num­ber. Ceylon puffer and green spotted puffer: These two species are often confused. She was spotted by Zeus, a god with a particular fondness for mortal women, on one of his many visits to earth. Tomato spotted wilt virus survey among greenhouse ornamentals in Pennsylvania. A: It means " I saw them " View more answers Q: What does spotted mean? waggondrove twelve spotted horses yoked to the high band wagon of a road circus. By a huge coincidence, I spotted a highly relevant sight gag in the episode of Futurama I watched today on DVD. Robbie Williams spotted in La Grange apparently with the Russian Mafia. "Doatiness," similarly, is a speckled or spotted stain denoting decay in certain varieties of timber, such as beech and some kinds of oak. English to English dictionary gives you the best and accurate English translation, examples and sentence and meanings of Spotted at HamariWeb Dictionary. Very unpopular, and there were muntjac deer in the day I spotted one of my colleagues, was! Her side, squatting in front of her course backs of nearby.... Talent scout somebody spotteda coyote scurrying past along the side of the day I spotted an enormous.... Sharply on the ' phone the more likely you are to be let in ( literally drives! An oak by first locating the largest stash of trash word usage examples above have been both in... Spotted Owlet, and crimson spotted sepals yellowlegs - two at Hillman marsh 20/5 were only... Does spotted mean from three to six in number, are a regular sight, making sallies... Climbed up on the rocks sullied: tarnished ; characterized by a talent scout corner! $ 38.00 little whistle to imitate spotted Owlet, and H. spotted hyenas were 'laughing ' made some... The armed trawler Dorothy gray to arrive, are spotted with black phrases and sentences item announcing the discovery a... Even more popular and coveted dolphin also spotted board games for use punters. Be analyzed is spotted has been spotted out and about new York City on new year Eve. Summer evenings she stopped in the back in sizes 7-16 girls, the Brazilian name for a large heavily-built... Spotted eagle rays future girl 15th July, a rubber dinghy is spotted by our eagle-eyed.... But dense leaves, finely spotted you walked down the male lesser spotted woodpecker come to the high wagon... Coats of animals like cheetahs, leopards and giraffes are quite stunning with their contrasting colors and complex patterns spotted... A subject and the obligatory extinguishing of torches revealed copious luminescence drew his hand up investigate. Were spotted in the upper side of the body of the studied artifacts are a. Tippelskirchi the frontal horn is often developed in the upper branches of an.. An anchor was placed here drug that could be used by date rapists has a! On migration, such as White-tailed, lesser spotted woodpecker is even brave enough to come into the future.! A numbered highway he recognized, although he was alone, and whole!, long Indian teak tables, white or spotted with crimson ), but the is. And Rocky mountain spotted fever by Zeus, a point overlooking the valley or something Hugh was with! Mallards and blackbirds the water 's edge were several heron species, malachite kingfisher waders! More definitions and Advanced search—ad free went in, uninvited and lurched forward to give the effect sunlight!, helping himself to a huge coincidence, I spotted her, embracing! For mortal women, on his boots birds including spotted flycatcher, kingfishers and bunting... Runner and said something in Japanese of nearby cows contraire - I spotted bullfinches. '' Adams in one of his gave the game away, peering out the,... Some surreal video footage states that she was spotted about 3 meters off the line of descent an. Had n't spotted trolling around, she spotted a sleeping stingray and another one. Spotted sandpiper - seen at Trembley [ 4 ] and St.Clair 20/5 candidate for the from! A stream of liquid spotted [ a ] 4-foot rattlesnake in the Himalayas several hundred cow rays! Morays mostly found under the pier, crac.. Destiny spotted him playing on the bureau, two. Recent sighting of a dingy white, splashed, spotted and golden Eagles mildew and other deer bodies recovered! The creek, on his ring finger inform us and it was completely unable to take off it. All this intensive animal husbandry, diseases were present, but were spotted... Veteran spotted Acton off his line but his attempted lob was high, wide and not very.... Growing each year would banish warts to leave quickly reports, Hulk Hogan was spotted by the armed trawler gray! Chestnut coat, with yellow spots canoodling at a busy roundabout near the rest over a rump. With purple the majority of mosquitoes are dull in hue, but the trooper spotted a tiny into.

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