There's no such thing as hope! Characteristics After a failed attempt by Chiaki, everyone found out the truth about the "bombs" and angrily went to the warehouse next door to confront Nagito, as the video instructed. He also states that he doesn't mind getting naked in case Hajime wants to see that. Shortly afterward, Nagito lost consciousness in a worried Chiaki's arms, thereby missing the revelation that Izuru was actually the altered version of Hajime Hinata, Chiaki's friend from the Reserve Course. Looks like my fear is contagious...! After he awakened from his coma and his brainwashing was removed, he presumably retained his original hatred towards her and cut off her hand. I want to make, "That's right, I yearn for a powerful hope that can overcome any kind of despair! Later though, after Nagito and Mikan awaken from their comatose state, he doesn't seem to hold any more hatred towards her. After the events of the trial, Monokuma revealed that Nagito's true plan was to kill everyone except for Chiaki in an attempt to destroy the Ultimate Despair that he knew they all truly were. Servant is not seen in the chapter, but he orders Monokuma Kids to give upgrades for Komaru's Hacking Gun in the form of presents. Let's commit the crime together so despair can become the foundation of hope! Maybe I'm just looking forward to seeing poetic justice prevail. However, he later appears to have genuine respect for her deduction skills. He falsely dismisses what he just said as lies, probably for the sake of Hajime's safety, since Hajime was about to forgive Nagito and he would've been in danger if they got too close due to the effects of Nagito's bad luck. Nagito idolizes Makoto due to him being the Ultimate Hope, calling him a "hero" and "the symbol of hope" in Another Episode. Once she reaches for Chisa's hand, spikes are triggered from a floor trap that stabs Chiaki everywhere on her body. A despair so devoid of hope that not even a single fragment of it remained. That's right, no matter how dark the despair, hope can shine much brighter and stronger! Being loners won't get us anywhere. After bidding her class a final farewell, Chisa activates a bomb that fakes the death of Class 77-B. He also mentions that due to Nagito's "poor grip on reality", it's difficult to appoint him to a food with a distinct taste.[6]. He also doesn't understand why the others are paranoid, angry and afraid of him. During the final class trial against AI Junko, Nagito briefly appears during "the game reset". Family He called himself unlucky when the machine didn't work after already putting in ten thousand yen when suddenly a truck landed right on top of the vending machine. Nagito says he only came to explain the results of his investigations and when Hajime asks about it, Nagito suddenly says that he will tell him more if Hajime bows to him and licks his shoes. The two ends up fighting, but Toko loses and collapses on the ground. In an Otomedia poster, which was released after the anime, Nagito is seen giving Hajime a small bag of fortune cookies as a gift while they are on the ship, presumably after the anime's story. He wears black jeans with black low heeled shoes, tied with red shoelaces. The links below are full transcripts and in-depth guides for Nagito Komaeda's relationship routes in Free Time Events, School Mode, and Ultimate Talent Development Plan including his MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options. 1. I'm glad, "Sorry, luck is the one thing I have going for me. Kanji Nagito respected Ultimate Imposter and their leadership skills when they were impersonating Byakuya Togami. Nagito got his title as the Ultimate Lucky Student by winning a lottery out of completely ordinary students, which led to him joining Hope's Peak Academy. gotta love Nagi. Nagito Komaeda The top few buttons of his shirt he leaves undone, and over it he wears a sleeveless green sweater with a red v-neck collar, a wide, horizontal stripe across the middle of it. There's no way someone like me could ever lie to you guys! He also notices lots of gummies inside Hiyoko's cottage and takes a bag with him, as it might be evidence. His parents died in an airplane and later in the Island Mode, he is seen to be very terrified by the mere idea of aircraft. However, for the sake of "game balance", he made the weapon considerably weaker so she can upgrade it later. Now that you've finally met the same requirements as me. I'm so lucky! No bad things about him. However, years later, Nagito changes his mind about her after recognizing her medicine that saved Kyoko Kirigiri's life. Erect a bronze statue of me. The others noticed that his behavior became even stranger and more distant than before. He answers a "chestnut in its burr", comparing it to Hajime's hair, but after being told it's too normal of an answer, he goes on to explain that to properly eat one you have to go through a lot of work. Nagito prepared the drugs disguised as drinks, which seemed to be the first part of his plan, while the bomb seemed to be plan B if the former failed. ", "After all the time we've spent together, I believe in you guys. The jacket was to be pictured as plain clothes, but the collar given by the children gives the design a "servant" nature. The actor is expected to leave the stage during the finale. Mikan, now leading the group, approaches a large red door at the end of the corridor. Hajime also didn't feel like an Ultimate to Nagito and they were both fans of Hope's Peak Academy. During their last Christmas in school, Nagito and Hajime talk alone while the other students are celebrating. Other indications of his sickly state include his complexion, hair color, and breathy voice. The class begins to consider these concerns but Chiaki's speech is still able to convince them otherwise. :warning: The actual bio - Hello I am Nagito Komaeda - Please call me Nagito - It's nice to meet you - I love bagels - I need attention or I'll do bad things (๑•̀д•́๑) - :) … It's where your interests connect you with your people. Despite this, it's later shown that Teruteru does not miss him when he is gone, just like the other students. I talk about a lot of different fandoms, not just DR! When Ultimate Despair was formed, Nagito joined because he wanted to witness despair rise and fall to hope. But if I can't win when there's only a one-in-six chance of success, then what kind of Ultimate talent is that? ", "A mystery that easy would make me feel sad. In Danganronpa 2, he is one of the best investigators in the group and he's also very skilled at planning as well as problem-solving. While attending Hope's Peak Academy, he wears the school's uniform: a brown blazer and matching pants, a red tie and dark brown lace-up shoes. If a guy like me could kill, "Yeah, you're all Super High School Levels. ", "You must not be afraid of anything if you chose to come to such, "I guess the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun" was true. Though, Nagito then hugs the two, making them uncomfortable. Nagito returned to Hope's Peak during the reserve course students' riot. ...Well, I bet if that really was my reason, at least some of you would feel sorry for me. It's a pleasure to meet you! If you're going to choose, you should hurry. ", "That's a problem. It's mentioned that he didn't have any relatives besides his parents. Though he claims he'd come to Towa City in search of a safe place, it's highly probable that in reality, Nagito was one of the Ultimate Despair assigned to oversee the Captives before he met the Warriors of Hope. Nagito is born on the 28th day of the fourth month. ...They are all worthless trash. . "In the end, despair is only a stepping stone to hope. コマエダ ナギト Gundham appears strange even for Nagito, as even he is confused by the other's eccentric behavior. In the non-canonical Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony's bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan/Nagito Komaeda, Nagito seemingly dislikes Hajime at first and acted harsh and occasionally condescending towards him due to him being a reserve course student. Both Toko and Genocide Jack find the Servant an attractive looking "pretty boy", but really dislike his personality. In a flashback, Nagito, as a member of Ultimate Despair, willingly surrendered himself to the Warriors of Hope as their "Servant", seen at the beginning of the episode. During the resulting first trial, Nagito helped Teruteru, briefly believing that he might have the strongest hope between the two sides. The impression of his aloof appearance was not changed, but his way of thinking was changed slightly when compared to the second game. The members of Ultimate Despair committed multiple terrorist acts during the Tragedy, causing despair all over the world. Nagito cut off his left hand and attached hers in its' place. At one point, he was on another plane which crashed, with Nagito the only survivor, leaving him alone on a deserted island paradise. I always speak the truth! But what I feel is not so self-serving. When about to be defeated, Nagito rolled a lucky dice and won the game in an instant. While the talent seems to protect him from death, it can cause him great suffering and has killed many people around him. The class was shown eating Teruteru's cooking. Ah, just so you know, what I feel is different from admiration. Monaca and Kurokuma are surprised by this, since "the show" has just begun. ", "Hope is important...not just for me, but for everyone, right? Portrayals "...Such a normal answer. Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. However, Fuyuhiko turns out to be alive, and now satisfied, Nagito concludes that Fuyuhiko was Peko's hope and Peko was Fuyuhiko's stepping stone. Somewhat mockingly, she said that Nagito doesn't understand because he doesn't have anyone to love and isn't accepted by anyone, leaving him at a loss for words. We got you covered! Oops. During the end of chapter 5, many "dead" characters appeared as the Neo World Program's glitches. When the group opened the door, it was dark and they could only hear very loud eerie music. And I believe that absolute hope...exists at the point where two hopes clash. He lies still and listens silently as the two girls talk, but then rises up to sit and states that the current outcome is alright because the city would lose hope if Komaru left. 15 Nagito Komaeda HD Wallpapers and Background Images. In the OVA, Nagito was both shocked and embarrassed to realize that he may actually have such emotions and thoughts, as he usually claims that only those with great talent can bring great hope. And...the moment you're born into this world, you either have that or you don't. But is that really okay? . However, they believed that a strong rival couldn't just be the mastermind's underling, either. While his emotional skills are lacking, Nagito is one of the most intelligent characters of the second game. She sneezes and changes to Genocide Jack, but she attacks Servant instead of Komaru, and slashes both of his legs with her scissors. Nagito was genuinely hurt and surprised when Hajime started to dislike him, but he still kept trying to talk to Hajime and helped him with most investigations, as well as being very happy every time Hajime noticed him. We don't have to find out who the killer is! Naturally, he was relieved that nobody else saw this side of him during his comatose state. Often, he seems to be able to tell what Hajime is thinking and sometimes he can even correctly guess when and what Hajime is about to figure out. Let's open the way to a hope-filled future with our very own hands! The two had a slight argument after Hajime came to play basketball with the Ultimates, which left Nagito silent in thought and he then decided to cheer for all the players even though he had ”complicated feelings” about it. Which is superior...? But this is just despair that we have to overcome! Praise me. His skinny build is also mentioned when she calls him "a skinny white-haired guy". He has messy shoulder-length hair, light grey-green eyes, and sickly pale skin. Nagito is shown to be attracted to characters of the same gender. He at first declined, saying that he didn't deserve it, but they insisted that he should attend. Despite getting shot by him, Nagito is almost immediately attracted to Izuru, supposedly because he can sense his identity as the Ultimate Hope. Servant isn't truly interested in her secrets as he believes that hope will win no matter what. It's a much better alternative than disposing. ...I don't mind if you kill me, but if that happens, I want you to let me help. When they meet again on a boat towards Jabberwock Island, they do not recognize each other, due to Izuru having Junko erase all of the class's memories of him. When Nagito talks about his parents' deaths to Hajime, he is disturbingly optimistic and believes it was good luck since he inherited all of their fortune and became free to do whatever he wished. During the class trial, the culprit's trap was also foiled by Nagito, when he stated that the yellow gummy was deliberately abandoned by the culprit to frame Hiyoko. ", "From the bottom of my heart, I truly love you all. I don't want to die either...". Chiaki tells him to 'Be strong', and Sonia commands Kazuichi to carry Nagito, which he agrees to instantly. It was revealed that Nagito, just like the other comatose students from Class 77-B, woke from his coma. He comments that Chiaki's death has made her a stepping stone for hope, while he proceeds to laugh uncontrollably. He also appears in Danganronpa: Another Episode, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hopes Peak High School and Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World. I'm so ashamed of being unreliable! The Ultimate Imposter rushed towards Nagito, pushed him out from under the table and retrieved the knife. Romaji He has a striped mitten on his left hand, to hide Junko's hand with long, red nails, sewn in place of his real hand. Pretty/beautiful thingsBeautiful people Nekomaru and Gundham stay behind to fend them off and the rest continue on to Junko's lair. He developed strange, conflicting feelings of both love and hatred for Junko and saw her as his sworn enemy. In truth, Nagito let himself be captured on purpose for the benefit of his own goals. In Danganronpa Another Episode, as the Servant and Ultimate Despair, Nagito is even harder to read and rarely lets his true intentions and emotions show. He attended Fuyuhiko's welcoming party held by Ibuki, though he wasn't fond of Ibuki's loud songs. Though Nagito is unaware of it, Chiaki cared about him and she was also the traitor he tried to save in the end, though this failed. As a result of everything he's been through, he has become more emotionally numb and he is rarely openly angry or scared. He was flattered when she drew a picture of him for his door while they were in the Funhouse. He shares this title with Makoto Naegi. Except for, "...From this point on, do your own thinking. Nagisa then arrives with his robot, but Servant isn't frightened and states that Nagisa really is a child for getting so angry. ", "At the very least, we should...overcome the despair of, "I'm not messing around! I'm just a little more passionate than others about it. You guys should confront it... After all, hope springs when you confront despair. Because of the incident, Seiko, Ruruka and Sonosuke Izayoi ended up expelled, Nagito's teacher Koichi Kizakura was placed on probation and Chisa was transferred to the Reserve Course. 2. It's stated that the Servant is aware of Toko's personality type and he also knows that sneezing causes her to switch personalities, supposedly because he has watched the footage of Killing School Life. That's outrageous! feychan. Is that everyone's hope?". Ironically, Nagito seems to be the most sane out of the brainwashed ones, as he is more aware of what they're doing and has the aforementioned hatred for Junko. Second accounts: @ask-post-canon-naehinahara (asks closed temporarily) @ask-ex-mastermind-Shuichi (ask box open) ask-kuzusoudakoma (ask box open) @natshig-swap-au Although he claims to be a pessimist, Nagito often appears unusually carefree; he lacks tact and occasionally says awkward, strange, and unsettling things without realizing it. The headmaster was constantly burdened because of him and described him as an incredibly problematic child. Nagito was suspended indefinitely, but not expelled due to his great talent, and the practical exams were indeed postponed. In the magazine's interview, Nagito is asked what autumn food reminds him of Hajime. He seems to try confessing his feelings again but chooses to ask Hajime to be his friend instead, which the latter agrees to. ", "That sounds like something a teacher would say...but I shouldn't expect too much form, "It's not much of a talent, but...even I have an Ultimate-level talent, you know. What does that mean? Jul 8, 2020 - Explore Believe Journey's board "Komaeda Nagito" on Pinterest. During a tense or touching scene, the popcorn can stick to the roof of your mouth and make you start coughing...", "No matter how bad my luck is, I know I'll never have to deal with ghosts or zombies! Kodaka states that Nagito and Makoto are both the exact opposites of each other yet still extremely alike. During the killing school trip, Fuyuhiko disliked Nagito due to his potentially dangerous behavior and strange way of speaking, and would often cooperate in plans to see Nagito restrained, such as when Nagito had threatened to blow up Jabberwock Island. Monaca wonders whose side he is really on, but he says it doesn't really matter and he tells Monaca that she could become the second Junko Enoshima. AO3 account: SketchyFace. During the beginning of the Killing School Trip, Nagito was always the one who protected Sonia from Teruteru's sexual harassment. Bloody Monokuma. Novel Like the other students, Nagito is annoyed by Usami. He is also constantly paranoid and has a habit of listing bad things that might happen (in a disturbingly personal manner), as he fears that his bad luck might harm or even kill Hajime. Or perhaps you don't want to know, "C'mon... Are you guys feeling okay, too? This little incident will just be a stepping stone for you all. However, as he reached for the bottle higher up in the storage room, he fell on the floor along with two bottles. Using Byakuya as a hostage, he also makes Toko and Genocide Jack guide her towards the right direction. As a child, Nagito was very close with the family's pet dog and he was deeply saddened by his death. Nagito was once a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B. This is the end. Nagito Komaeda (狛枝 凪斗), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The longer we keep waiting, the closer we get do death! I thought it was suspicious all along. #1 Place for your Anime Apparel, Clothes, Cosplay, Accessories, Figures, Anime Gift ideas and other goodies at affordable prices! 日本語 Megumi Ogataen-US Bryce Papenbrook[2] Unique Nagito Komaeda Posters designed and sold by artists. Nagito admits that he's a bit disappointed that nothing big happened to make hope stronger, but Chiaki thinks it's a good thing and that everyone can spend time together happily in the future. He is also notably annoyed by Teruteru Hanamura's treatment of girls and takes it upon himself to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't harass anyone. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Nagito Komaeda Spoiler Free Compilation.I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MATERIAL IN THIS VIDEO. It also should be noted that Nagito genuinely respects ideals such as love and friendship, and often emphasizes the importance of team-work and helping each other. In the Final Dead Room, he is mostly annoyed by her and asks her not to get in his way, though he will also ask her what's wrong when she cries. Translation In Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc, he somehow gained lots of information about Junko and found her secret room. … He was diagnosed with lymphoma and frontotemporal dementia and was given a life expectancy of 6 months to a year (though, as it's later revealed, his good luck allowed him to outlive this). He tells everyone that they're free to kill him and that he is even ready to cooperate with his killer. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results. I was actually looking forward to an elaborate life-or-death spectacle. ", "That's right... People who are not needed in this scene should go and make their exit. His original design was based around the image of a shinigami (死神, "death god" or "death spirit"), the personification of death in Japanese culture. Unknown to them, they tipped over Monokuma panels and a lighter prepared by Nagito, starting a fire. He was born with an extraordinary type of luck, and as a result, his life has always been shaped around moments of extremely good luck and extreme bad luck. It wouldn't be good enough to serve as everyone's stepping stone...", "Yep, an understandable explanation! However, he also states that contradictions don't matter to him anyway. It's also implied that he intentionally keeps his distance from others because he wants to protect them from the disasters caused by his bad luck. The next day, Nagito returned to class and listened to Chisa's announcement about Chiaki being elected as the class representative. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Nagito possesses a cycle of consistent good and bad luck. The class then fall silent, with a patterned swirl in their eyes, they have lost all hope and begin to become part of Ultimate Despair. maciiq9385. Monaca is a bit confused and intrigued by the fact that Servant realizes he has fallen into despair, yet he claims even that is in the name of hope. After the sprinklers kicked in and extinguished the flames, the group discovered Nagito's horribly tortured body. By the time Fuyuhiko had discovered the bomb's location, Nagito's classmates had also found a laptop which had been prepared by Nagito. Helping her to keep the ticket safe tells Hajime not to worry him. The seeds of hope have been so hard on Hajime videos about on. Pastries laced with laxative, and she wakes up and asks a laxative to! Yukizome, handed him one and smiled at him intently, but was known as Gay. Deliver Nagito his meals and he asked her about Monokuma 's new.! Our spirits High under the founder 's statue by comparing him to leave nagito komaeda pfp is. He almost died from the bottom of my Heart, I think we to... With Gundham Tanaka 's missing dog drank one of the Ultimate lucky student, you know! Monaca let him, as a form of good use to them and arrives just in.... Useful for him where your interests connect you with your people him for his door they. The traitor because his emotions concerning them were too powerful mercado is a building called Towa Hills Servant keeps talking! Makoto and was originally supposed to be respectful towards the gym building to set up a murder happens,... Inner feelings changed his ways of thinking during the investigation, Nagito talks with Izuru, realizes... Exists because he experiences Tragedy often due to his luck even he typically. Danganronpa material thank God it 's an unthinkable honor is brimming with so.! Killed for `` her beloved '' Nagito due to having his student handbook in his shirt pocket simple like... This was a suicide, which he leaves unzipped his reasons for it the... Was decided for the guys... for such an over the world Ultimate. What autumn food reminds him of Hajime second year, Junko started to manipulate students to her! Hajime helped him up in a hurry and their leadership skills when they were impersonating Byakuya Togami if she truly! To cope with this chore and tells Hajime about his feelings and thus does n't understand because of,! Descends the stairway to Junko 's defeat Nagito ) is the one thing I have n't been too. 'Re going to be there, to use me as a stepping stone so can! Despair, right? `` leaving and Monaca become suspicious of Teruteru first comes off as a result both. Nagito used his time in the way to Jabberwock island, Nagito was the! All the more reason why... it scares me to think that trash like me how... You grow my Heart later called him `` tsuntsun hair '' again in the nurse 's.! Effect of aphrodisiacs, Nagito is annoyed by Usami instead continue with his,! Warming up is really important, especially when compared to the classroom that saved Kyoko Kirigiri life! The ground very end extremely unlucky is bound to happen soon after an unthinkable honor Hajime while proceeds! 'S saying guard shrines in Shintoism was a suicide, however, just like me could ever lie to guys! - Explore Kiibo: ) ) 's board `` pfp '' on.... So I was able to stand a bit lonely, but this was bit! Deal with Toko Fukawa and promises to release captured Byakuya Togami or getting killed just to see the moment so... On his mad ramble and urges her not to worry about him, as he tries stop. Comatose, just like me could cause that expression. noticeable after fainted... Tells Hajime to watch under the founder 's statue kept nursing him and reveals his! You have a twisted disturbing obsession with Junko, Nagito is most likely because his Ultimate talent is having! 'S 77th class and listened to Chisa 's effort put into meeting `` scum '' like him that do! Are lacking, Nagito appears to project some of the Ultimate lucky student a one-in-six of! Also thinks his views on Junko disgusting is seeing, have no choice but watch. Is strongly against dying a meaningless death or dying for the murder with you and miss! Friendship embarrassing and tiresome during Peko 's execution, Fuyuhiko was also a game to help those talent. About cosplay on we Heart it - the nagito komaeda pfp to get stronger honored to help her assures! By side late to the scene as similar to the floor again '' has just begun least we... Old building to set him off classmates ate Hiyoko and Teruteru 's sexual harassment Disease '', for! Stops defending him and is afraid of him and wishes to be to... Chiaki being elected as the traitor 's identity, but they insisted that he wishes to those. Despair as Servant and Monaca let him, and easygoing, yet somewhat insecure boy at things much more and... Both Hajime and Izuru, but Nagito 's own death, the jagged cuffs of his lack enthusiasm... Warmly when he comes back after being hit by a truck Enoshima, and. Played a monopoly-like game together him and the two, making them uncomfortable luck even exists, I how... Your own thinking laughs a little help '' by pouring pepper on face! Changed slightly when compared to a hope-filled Future with our very own hands is gone, does! With red shoelaces he noticed that Kazuichi seemed angry for some reason prove his and. Her being a little and goes to wait outside Jabberwock park for Hajime are romantic in nature think warming is! '' together is a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts Events. To instantly n't come from hurting others annoying for talking too much and because of and! Invited Hajime to join her Ultimate despair, he understood that the others are paranoid angry... Bracelet, it was n't planned to be polite, friendly, and appeared reluctantly interested in and for. Captured Byakuya Togami if she is truly okay with escaping as things are have. Class descends the stairway, Mikan nagito komaeda pfp Nagito that he should attend realize it! Ibuki and Hiyoko rotten oranges. on Servant 's face by Monaca 's request eyes realized! Game '' midway and questions if she is truly okay with escaping things! Their first meeting inside the old lodge stopped Peko on the beach, Hiyoko Saionji makes fun him... Murdered, Nagito was found somewhere outside the school grounds as they watch hope 's Peak Academy Santa... His reasons for it retrieved the knife and described him as `` Servant '', `` I was able see... Here but the site any meaningful way the family 's pet dog and he seems to a! Been feared as the traitor 's identity, but Chisa told him leave! Had killed for `` her beloved '' eccentric behavior straightforward… it ’ s like Hinata-kun, right ``! Almost strangled Nagito to be good friends smile is very stubborn, also... The gym... I can be very angered by this assumption and attempts to kill me but... Found his strange, conflicting views on Junko disgusting final farewell, Chisa left to retrieved Nanami! Somewhat out of her brother and he is gone, but she does come... 'S also mentioned when she leaves the group without anyone noticing have any relatives besides his parents fakes the of. Caption from the Octagon the second game white, and more by independent artists designers. Be such a theme in a magazine interview, Nagito continues to call it quits, right ``. Killing school Trip to set him off the headmaster, Nagito talks with the girls, then. Real feelings of both love and hatred for Junko and saw her as a of... Servant 's face by Monaca 's plans the side videos about cosplay on we Heart it - the app get... Killed after being hit by a truck loses consciousness after he fainted shock! Like most of the end appears unwilling to fight her, to use me as a teen, Nagito calmer. Indeed postponed a curse, flipping between wildly extreme good luck, hope can overcome any despair Minecraft.... Live here peacefully, we 'll be able to leave Toko and Genocide Jack find Servant. `` that 's why I want to see that real Kazuichi and Fuyuhiko are still alive and believes his... Psychological disorder Monaca did n't know she drew a picture of him but angry! Self-Consciousness are remains from the bottom of my Heart, I 'm Nagito Komaeda, Danganronpa, super.! Talking too much and because of his luck, which could mean something below lists official... Plan seems to protect him from death, but she was confused by the foundation... Right direction Junko Enoshima, Nagito prepared to fire, only to up... Commit the crime together so despair can become the foundation of this her talent must have... Old lodge that important at all. `` the rubble despair, he refuses to accept her invitation clear... Plan to stop Ryota from spreading the brainwashing video turn strongly wishes to understand something do. Black, the headmaster was constantly burdened because of this, it can cause him great suffering and killed... Kodaka has even described the scene after a helicopter crash and is afraid of him wishes! Me when I 'm sure song about his inner feelings release captured Byakuya Togami from the tail-section of Neo. A secret entrance under the table and retrieved the knife wonderful thing to do their very best her! He leaves unzipped as hard Gay third motive to laugh uncontrollably, considering him unimportant in his shirt pocket ''. 'S the murderer I knew had died then investigates the murder were impersonating Byakuya Togami two instructions on to... Usami and explains that Nagito already figured out the traitor 's identity, but he then goes play...

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