If the named person violates the order he or she can be arrested and charged with a crime. For more information on the project contact LaJuan Epperson at 317-234-2870 (Fax: 317-234-2605) or lajuan.epperson@courts.in.gov. The process of removing the information from the search results is known as Shielding. Keep in mind that office ONLY accepts protective order petitions when courts are closed. Have lived together in an intimate relationship for at least 90 days during the past year 3. An ex parte order is a peace or protective order. At this hearing, you explain what happened to a judge. Protective orders are generally available to people in domestic relationships. Law enforcement uses this Addendum when serving paperwork on the other person. Press the Search button when you are finished. Chapter 400. On motion of a party, a person from whom discovery is sought, or a person named or depicted in an item sought to be discovered, and for good cause shown, the court may enter any order that justice requires to protect a party or person from annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, or undue burden or expense, including one or more of the … Often these are sought in domestic violence cases, but they can be used in other situations, like when a celebrity is seeking protection … The topic for exploration today is an important consideration for any domestic violence dispute – protective orders. In Maryland, peace orders are similar to protective orders as they involve court orders protecting against the harmful acts or threats of others. Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. Consider talking with a lawyer. Civil Procedure--Circuit Court. A protective order can be changed or extended through a process that takes place in court. Search Code of Maryland. The judge will ask whether you want to agree (or consent) to the order. Start a … It’s a crime to violate certain conditions of a protective order, such as contacting, harassing, or abusing someone. For the order to be modified or extended in Maryland, the petitioner must file a request in writing that explains the reason for the order to be changed or extended. The relationship between the respondent (person alleged to have committed the prohibited act) and the petitioner (person seeking protection) determines the Petition to be filed. PROTECTIVE ORDERS. Before the court can grant a final protective order, you must prove that the other person committed an act of abuse. Come to one of the Domestic Violence Intake Centers; File a petition for a Civil Protection Order (click here to fill out form online)The process of requesting the petition, filling out the paperwork, getting the case scheduled, and appearing before the judge can take a while so be prepared to spend a few hours to complete this process. Were those protective order requests denied or dismissed? COVID-19 impacts court operations in Maryland. Maryland Courts are required to post both Peace Order cases and Protective Order cases on the Maryland case search. These orders come in three varieties: interim, temporary, or permanent. Maryland Protective Orders During a domestic violence case, it is not uncommon for the court to issue a protective order. It is a very low standard which is what could possibly be reasonable. Phone: 1-877-846-3420 Rule 2-403 - Protective Orders (a) Motion. Protective orders change lives. Consider speaking with a lawyer. Selecting the same section or item twice will clear your selection and return the data to an overall perspective.

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