Improve reliability, capacity and enabling investment: Increased renewals on "other key routes", including investment in sleeper replacement, bridge strengthening and track formation refurbishment. moveType. Length over drawgear 17286 mm Tare 24400 kg Length over headstocks 16384 mm Load 47600 kg Bogie Centres 12380 mm Gross 72000 kg Overall width 2824 mm Volume 106 m3 Overall height 3807 mm Deck height 911 mm ARL Container Floor … [13], The focus of the Plan is to increase rail traffic volumes, revenue and productivity, modernise assets and separate out the commercial elements of the business from the non-commercial. For the container wagons, KiwiRail expects to select a supplier and place an order in late 2019. About KiwiRail. This manual contains guidelines to help with all aspects of the stowage, storage and transportation of freight. Wagon/Container indicates the type of equipment being booked. Mainfreight has allocated $60 million for investment in new railhead depots, while Fonterra has invested $130 million in a new rail hub complex in Hamilton and another in Mosgiel.[17]. Epoch I: 1835 - 1919 (0) Epoch II: 1920 - 1949 (0) Epoch III: 1950 - 1969 (0) Epoch IV: 1970 - 1989 (1) Epoch V: 1990 - 2006 (2) Epoch VI: >2007 (0) Country. by Li … For more information please call us on 0800 351 351 Please click here for our Christmas hours. Trouvez les tarifs des billets, informations et horaires. Length over drawgear 15020 mm Tare 19500 kg Length over headstocks 14128 mm Load 38000 kg Bogie Centres 10210 mm Gross 57500 kg Overall width 2703 mm Overall height 3804 mm Deck height 900 mm Capacity 94 m3 Inside length 13432 … Home / Rail freight / CT Site Location Map CT Site Locations We have 17 container transfer sites across New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill. An express freight train journey between Auckland and Wellington took thirteen and a half hours. View the key services for point-to-point movement of freight throughout the KiwiRail network. KiwiRail Holdings Limited est une entreprise publique néo-zélandaise de transport ferroviaire.Basée à Wellington, elle est le plus grand opérateur ferroviaire du pays.KiwiRail exploite près de 4 000 kilomètres de voies [1].. KiwiRail possède plusieurs filiales telles que The Great Journeys of New Zealand, Tranz Metro et l'opérateur de fret KiwiRail Freight KiwiRail provides a complete freight handling service throughout New Zealand. [27] A number of other projects are proposed under the draft plan. The division is now experiencing rapid double-digit annual growth, due to the growth of Chinese tourism to New Zealand, so much so that Kiwirail in 2017 may purchase an additional eight carriages [38] to the 17 AK carriages purchased in 2012. There is more detail on some of the other spending detailed here. Freight wagons: KiwiRail operates 4,855 wagons. Achetez vos billets de train en ligne. Anchor freight customers: Key anchor customers include Fonterra, Westland Dairy Products (Rolleston and Hokitika), Solid Energy and the various freight forwarders including Mainfreight and port companies including Port of Tauranga. Read more Our people. empty. ... • 4,605 wagons We keep freight moving 18 million We move 18 million tonnes of freight each year 16% We carry around 16% of New Zealand’s total freight task (tonnes-km) 25% We transport around 25% of New Zealand’s exports • 3,096 signals • 1,500 public level … [34], KiwiRail is a major land owner in New Zealand, and manages over 18 thousand hectares of land, has in excess of 1,500 property assets with a combined value of over $965 million (Annual Report 2016). KiwiRail aimed to reduce transit times to 11 hours. It has continuity with the earlier InterCity Rail … Dangerous Goods requirements for documentation, packaging, labelling and loading. KiwiRail offer a range of different formats of containers and wagons to transport your freight. One of KiwiRail's stated aims is to progressively move towards standardized wagons, with the container flat-top being overwhelmingly the dominant type (fitted with curtain sided swap bodies, liquid containers, log … Track your consignment online using this handy tool. CT Site Details. B ZWT Wagon ZWT3 Description 2 No GWT containers mounted on an IA wagon. Download | 489 KB . Six stored, two scrapped and two under overhaul. Opening Hours. Auckland 1061 . View opening hours and address details for our CT sites. An additional 120 wagons were acquired in the year ending 2016, with over 1,000 new wagons added since 2008. fletcher is really unstable the stubbies could lose everything if it collapses you really dont want tie your wagon to fletchers these days . The $450 million was earmarked for repairs following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake and for further locomotive and rolling stock purchases. Every tonne of freight moved onto rail from road delivers fewer carbon emissions for our customers, the country and the environment. In 2019 KiwiRail signed an agreement with the New Zealand Transport Agency, Palmerston North City Council to construct a road, rail and air distribution centre in Palmerston North, following a $40 million allocation to KiwiRail from the PGF. 3 types de wagons citernes : acier, acier revêtu, acier inoxydable. KiwiRail Holdings Limited is a New Zealand state-owned enterprise responsible for rail operations in New Zealand, and operates inter-island ferries. Trouvez les tarifs des billets, informations et horaires. Ces wagons peuvent être de type ordinaire ou spécial. Freight wagons: KiwiRail operates 4,855 wagons. “The planned improvements for the site will allow us to maintain more locomotives and wagons, as well as undertaking new types of work, such as heavy maintenance and upgrades. In 2012, KiwiRail announced it was putting its Hillside Engineering division on the market. Invercargill - Bluff: run as a 'shunt', sole freight is exports to Southport. 25 kV AC electric locomotives. Connor and I video 3 Kiwi Rail Locomotives hauling the flat deck wagon train going out of Invercargill on 9th Saturday September 2017 in New Zealand. We work closely with our customers to develop solutions to meet New Zealand’s changing transport requirements and keep abreast of international freight trends. true/false indicates whether this is an empty or loaded container. But one thing I was disappointed not to see was any information what is one of the most critical rail projects in the country, the third main between Westfield and Wiri. Raised curtain tensioners. Monday 07:30 – 16:00. Two under overhaul to DFB, and one stored. for your wagon management. Wagon sans toit, sans bords latéraux ou muni de hausses ayant 60 centimètres au maximum, ou wagon à traverses pivotantes. [41] and subsequently sold part of the division and transferred remaining work to Hutt workshops. "There was this mantra which said 'we only wanted one type of wagon, we only want one type of loco and that will give us immeasurable gains over time. [14], The plan included the following points:[14], Two of KiwiRail's major customers, Mainfreight and Fonterra, invested heavily in rail-related infrastructure in line with the Turnaround Plan. Freight hubs. [11] The de-merger took effect on 31 December 2012. Create and manage your rail freight bookings. string. "In addition, 900 flat-top container wagons will be replaced with new, larger ones in our busiest corridors, giving KiwiRail a more competitive freight service," Mr Peters said. David Stone June 7, 2020 at 12:50 pm “KiwiRail cannot be influenced by ministers in their tender process, and must follow government procurement rules, which at this time do not allow them to discriminate against foreign-owned … Quite the same Wikipedia. Engineering maintains, refurbishes and occasionally builds rolling stock for the network. View specifications and details for 20 ft GP, 20 ft HC, 40 ft HC, GSM, GYT and GXT Containers and ZHC, ZWT, ZXF and ZK Box Wagons on KiwiRail’s network. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. 33 Porowini Ave. Morningside. KiwiRail New Wagon Procurement: Reference # : Open Date : Monday, 29 July 2019 11:00 AM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Close Date : Monday, 23 September 2019 5:00 PM (Pacific/Auckland UTC+12:00) Tender Type : Request for Proposals (RFP) Tender Coverage : Sole Agency [?] Government operators included the Public Works Department (1873–1880), New Zealand Railways Department (1880–1982), and the New Zealand Railways Corporation (1982–1990). We support a wide network with our door to door service, or you can deliver your loaded container to us. Rail freight. Book your rail freight consignment Find our collection transfer sites . [28], Freight types: Bulk commodities include coal, logs, milk (dry and wet), IMEX (import/export intermodal) and domestic intermodal freight. Midland Line: Bulk export coal from north of Westport and Reefton, coal containers for Fonterra, dry and wet milk between Westland Dairy plants at Hokitika and Rolleston, export dry milk from Fonterra at Darfield. 21 February 2018. We support a wide network with our door to door service or you can deliver your loaded container to us. le wagon plat (type K ou L pour les wagons à 2 essieux, R ou S pour les wagons à bogies), avec ou sans ridelles (rebords rabattables) ou ranchers, servant au transport de tous types de marchandises ne craignant pas les intempéries (mais on peut les bâcher), notamment rails, véhicules, grumes, tuyaux, etc. An additional 120 wagons were acquired in the year ending 2016, with over 1,000 new wagons added since 2008. An additional 120 wagons were acquired in the year ending 2016, with over 1,000 new wagons added since 2008. To that end, Lineas owns the largest wagon fleet in Belgium consisting of both conventional and intermo-dal wagons. KiwiRail Holdings Limited (KiwiRail) is a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act 1993 and a state owned enterprise (SOE) under the State Owned Enterprises Act 1986. CT Site Details. Rail network controller, providing services such as train control and signalling. Nos wagons ont des pressions de calcul pouvant atteindre 10 bar, avec des équipements tels que des calorifuges, des réchauffeurs, des vidanges normalisées, des dômes chimiques. The 10 Year Turnaround Plan was quickly undermined by a series of adverse events, including: Partially as a response to the events outlined above, in the 2017 budget the government announced a further $450 million in capital funding for KiwiRail, and that the company's operations would be placed under another major review, believed to relate to future funding models. These include Conlinxx (Wiri), Midland Port (Rolleston), Longburn International Freight Hub (Longburn, Palmerston North), Manawatu Inland Port (Palmerston North), MetroPort (Southdown in Auckland and Rolleston in Christchurch) and will include Ruakura (Hamilton) when it opens in 2019,[30] and Ports of Auckland's site at Horotiu in Hamilton. KiwiRail released a 10-Year Turn-around Plan in 2010 and has received significant government investment in support of this in an effort to make KiwiRail a viable long-term transport operator. The passenger trains are predominantly patronized by tourists to NZ, with the exception of the Capital Connection, which is a commuter train. In the same year, KiwiRail moved around 18 million tonnes of freight and carried about 16% of New Zealand's total freight task (tonnes-km). Moving freight on rail benefits everyone - fewer trucks on the road means cleaner air, fewer carbon emissions, less congestion and fewer accidents. Steady and at times rapid progress has been made on the enabling parts of the Turnaround Plan, such as new locomotives and wagons, lengthening of the rail ferry and track destressing, but not always effectively. Trading as KiwiRail and headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, KiwiRail is the largest rail transport operator in New Zealand. Read more Useful rail freight links. Hillside hadn't built … The total value of rail in New Zealand is estimated to be $1.47 billion - $1.54 billion each year, from just four areas – reduced congestion in our cities; reduced carbon emissions; improved road safety including injuries and fatalities and lower road maintenance costs for taxpayers. [4] After several years of negotiations, the two parties could not come to an agreement on the amount that Toll should pay. Type. Forty-four scrapped, twenty-eight preserved and one stored. Interislander CV. KiwiRail has business units of KiwiRail Freight, The Great Journeys of New Zealand and Interislander. TTX evergreen 2 stack. Mainline diesel-electric. Wednesday 07:00 – 16:00 The Land Transport (Rail) Legislation Act 2020 (the Rail Act) came into force on 1 July 2020. With New Zealand’s freight market projected to grow by 30% by 2030, rail will play an increasing part in handling the increase and providing greater resilience to the New Zealand transport network. KiwiRail Mechanical Engineering Rev. by drob217. One of KiwiRail's stated aims is to progressively move towards standardized wagons, with the container flat-top being overwhelmingly the dominant type (fitted with curtain sided swap bodies, liquid containers, log cradles and so on to meet … Categories : 25121600 - Railway and tramway cars; Regions: Auckland; Exemption … [4] The agreement set a base track access fee but left future track access fees open to negotiation between ONTRACK and Toll. Sub-classes: DXB (14), DXC (32), DXR (2). KiwiRail also has a joint venture with the Northland Regional Council to build a branch line (the Marsden Point Branch) to connect to Northport at Marsden Point.[32]. One of KiwiRail's stated aims is to progressively move towards standardized wagons, with the container flat-top being overwhelmingly the dominant type (fitted with curtain sided swap bodies, liquid containers, log cradles and so on to meet almost all freight tasks). USA (0) United Kingdom (0) Germany … In the South Island they are Blenheim, Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin, and Invercargill. In 2011, the Aratere was extended by 30 m to add extra capacity. [18] Similar progress in attaining new customers and increasing freight volumes has been made over the life of the Plan to date (other than with coal). The last mod I officialy published for Train Fever. Forestry a success story for KiwiRail. Forty-four scrapped, thirteen stored, six sold overseas, and four preserved. Rail transport in New Zealand. Contact a member of our commercial sales team to find out how KiwiRail can solve your freight transport needs. The freight trading revenue by sector, as per the December 2016 Half Year Report is:[29]. The Engineering division provides mechanical assistance to the Freight and Passenger businesses, as well as to Auckland Transport. CDEX White Garbage Container Doublestack. An additional 120 wagons were acquired in the year ending 2016, with over 1,000 new wagons added since 2008. As there isn't much left to-do, I've desided I may as well publish. You will be working in a small team and also be communicating via … The leased Kaitaki ferry is not rail-capable but the Aratere and Arahura are. This means you'll link and unlink wagons, direct train drivers when coupling wagons and locomotives, place wagons into customer sidings (railway parking tracks). Rail has been an integral part of the New Zealand transport system for more than 150 years, delivering goods and people around the country efficiently, safely and sustainably. Prior to the establishment of KiwiRail, rail transport in New Zealand has been under both public and private ownership. Formerly large scale freight types such as petroleum products have entirely been withdrawn, and fertilizer has almost disappeared. [10] On 27 June 2012 it was announced by the company that the value of the land and rail operations would be written down from NZ$7.8 billion to $1.3 billion, and KiwiRail would continue as the rail and ferry operator, while the New Zealand Railways Corporation would manage KiwiRail's land. [23] On 30 October 2018 that capital funding was made available to by the new Labour-led Coalition government to refurbish 15 of the surviving 20 EF locomotives at the Hutt Workshops extending the service life by 10 years for their continued use, in line with the Governments energy and emissions policies, and while the government is also actively considering extending the North Island electrification for the first time since the 1980s. pickUpDateTime. KiwiRail is considering using rail wagons with rubber wheels to move freight on and off its Cook Strait ferries so the state-owned company does not have to buy expensive ferries with rail decks in the future. mandatory. As a European rail freight operator with Belgian roots, Lineas offers reliable rail solutions, operating block trains for conventional and intermodal loads and pro- viding single wagon load transport throughout Europe. KiwiRail work closely with you to develop rail freight solutions for New Zealand’s changing transport needs. Subclass » Subclass of a wagon, eg: La-3 Wheel Arrangement » For Loco Use, eg 4-6-2 or A1A-A1A Builder » Company who Built the item Builders Number » Builders number of the item Year » Year of Construction Status » Overhaul, In Service, etc Car/Wagon Purpose » Purpose of wagon, eg: Bulk Cement Car Wagon Length » Length of Car/Wagon, eg: 47' 6' Body Type » Wooden, … While KiwiRail considered Hillside's ability to supply the additional rolling stock, China Northern was "significantly faster and cheaper" and the Dunedin facility was already behind on a separate wagon order. 339 Neilson Street. C ZHC Wagon ZHC2 Description High volume curtainside wagon. I figure it would be nice to have matching rolling stock. Depending on kind of cargo, wagon’s body structure, ways of cargo loading and unloading, as well as from ensuring goods’ safety wagons are subdivided into covered wagons, open top wagons, platforms, tanks, dumping wagons, hopper-type wagons and refrigerated wagons. In response, Bolger acknowledged his involvement in privatising New Zealand Rail, remarking that "my life is full of ironies,"[9] and added that "the world has changed. Comment voyager de Waregem (Belgique) à Svilengrad (Bulgarie) en train (2010km). by bbonning300. string. Rail freight. Opening Hours. Wagon/Container indicates the type of equipment being booked. A number of commentators,[7] including Winston Peters, view this as ironic. ; This manual contains guidelines to help with all aspects of the stowage, storage and transportation of freight. You'll be an essential part of conducting safety checks ensuring that all vehicles in the train are in a fit state to commence the journey. Whangarei 0110 . Mainline diesel-electric. We've invested in new locomotives, wagons and specialised equipment to ensure easy movement of freight around the country and to remain cost competitive. New types of wagons were also developed to carry specialised loads, including insulated box wagons for the increasingly important frozen-meat trade, various types of stock wagons, and tankers for bulk liquid distribution. CT Site Locations ; Container and wagon types; Dangerous goods; Freight Handling Code The plan has had mixed success, with company Chairman John Spencer stating in 2013 that for its first three years, rail freight revenue had increased by over 25%. In the North Island, these are Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Napier, Whanganui, Palmerston North, and Masterton. Achetez vos billets de train en ligne. Reservations and general enquiries. doorPickUp. by drob217. [25], In 2019, the government began a "Future of Rail" review, and in December 2019 released a draft New Zealand Rail Plan, outlining changes it proposed making to the rail transport industry and KiwiRail specifically. Indicates whether any transport orders are to be created to transport the empty/loaded container at origin . It operates ferry services across Cook Strait between Wellington in the North Island and Picton in the South Island. Concurrent development of passenger stock saw the production of saloon or "birdcage" cars from Addington in 1889, while the first examples of the … "Step change" on the Auckland – Wellington – Christchurch trunk route: Reduce transit time and improve reliability along the route by easing curves, removing speed restrictions, greater investment in renewal of bridges and sleepers and passing loops.

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