The camp just south of Lake Knot City is recommended for this. Makes level 5 on all facilities a breeze. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. A dozen different pieces of Lost Cargo and no luck. On the mission rewards screen you must get to level 60 in all categories. The important question – are those 125h-175h fun? So Bridge-Link only increases with online likes? Bridge-Link: Online Only! The easiest way to make BB cry is to fall over. Wow! Just posting the supply request is enough to unlock the trophy (doesn’t have to be completed). If you didn’t get LoL rank you can redo the order. 2” crafting items to build out a Zipline network. Play any song to get the trophy. 157k. While being logged into the online servers, complete missions and interact with the objects of other players. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. This is purely based on the number of likes they have given you. In Sam We Trust Trophy In Death Stranding . Any times for minimising the end-game grind (i.e. I have yet to find most of the collectibles and I’m hoping I’ll obtain the remaining interviews that way. Do you know if psn plus is required for the online trophies? Platinum only took 66 hours on the clock, had all the roads built and zip lines to everybody, the 1000+ like delivery’s helped a lot, by using the truck for cities/distribution centres. Press. Which is quickly done when you use still-standing ziplines to get there. You get likes mainly from 2 things: Deliveries and Bridge-Link (Online people use your structures / vehicles / you donate to a shared online locker etc). Prendre pour concept principal les quêtes FedEx et les rendre ludique est déjà en soit un contre-pied assez fort, mais le jeu ne se résume pas uniquement à ça. About News/updates FAQs Terms/privacy Find us on Discord Steam DEATH STRANDING achievement guide & roadmap Properties . Make sure you have a good network of Ziplines put in place between the facilities you want to level. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. I have only one question, any tips for 20 Legends of Legends in time focused delivery? 10] Construction: Bridge” & “[Order No. So we need to fabricate PCC alot of times and then exactly put a marker for 300 metere and do ziplines? It’s fine and doesn’t void anything. About the zipline network. It will make sense on its own once you play the game, nothing complicated. That’s because “Legend of Legends” S-Ranks aren’t obtainable on Normal or lower difficulties. Just got the plat and I can attest that all the whiny locations that won’t level up, do this. Before anything, i would like to thank you for your awesome work once again. How many shipping categories are there? I can confirm that for the Trail-Blazer trophy, upgrading the structures of other players/them upgrading your structures does count for the trophy. Offline Likes = Facilities (the outposts you level up to receive new crafting blueprints). Back before the masses knew what Death Stranding would be (or how prophetic it would become), some speculated it would amount to a walking simulator. I can craft the 4 bikes with no problems but the trucks are nowhere to be found. 19], Power Skeleton (Lv. This happened because a community formed before my very eyes. THANK GOD FOR POWERPYX. Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 Trophy Guide Road Map Guide . That would be optional. GameFaqs is so damn useless, and when you ask for help, other users are so damn toxic. 47], All-terrain Skeleton (Lv. How to tell what category a delivery belongs to? – Aside from related trophies, never construct anything but ziplines. Nier Automata Trophy Guide Roadmap N4g . Has anyone any trouble with the Trucks? Required fields are marked *. These provide some interesting backstory to help you understand the story better. Then press to aim and to start peeing. You automatically increase the connection level with BB over time. Birth of a Legend. None of these orders are missable. It's a big one “You unlock Premium Deliveries when completing the mandatory story mission “[Order No. Make a delivery or deliver lost cargo to them. Can also try crafting the backpack accessories in private room, but they are normally not needed for the trophy. This will come naturally early on. I have already done more than 20 premium deliveries (actually more than 30 now) for Condition and Quantity focused, and they are still below lvl 60, although not so distant. Our guide will help you understand those categories, and teach you how to improve your ratings and get more likes. Now up to 900 likes and 5 full stars with no trophy? 2) – [Waystation North of Mountain Knot City Level 3], Armor Plate (Lv. You can’t just build as many ziplines as you want. You can run away, no need to fight it. So for boss battles if I’m playing on hard from the beginning I can switch to very easy and back to hard? excellent guide as always. Death Stranding Cheats Gamespot . hide. When you complete the next order the trophy will unlock in the reward screen. Below the name it says the name of the facility that wants this Lost Cargo. Unlocks after Order No. At this point you will have gotten almost all trophies naturally while maxing out the 39 facilities. – Rebuild the roads. Massive thanks to the following people for sending tips: Filed Under: Death Stranding, Trophy Guides. I’m currently in episode 4. zipline optimisation) welcomed. Not sure I am going to play this one yet but PP you are a stud – always the best guides. Announced in a trailer to coincide with the fifth anniversary of Hideo Kojima’s studio Kojima Productions, Death Stranding on PC is set for a free patch which will add a wealth of Cyberpunk 2077 items. You unlock Premium Deliveries when completing the mandatory story mission “[Order No. 2. It’s a mandatory story order that you accept in “Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City”. Remember to actually put the crafted item in your backpack AND to drive the vehicles that you have built to ensure they are counted properly. Unlocks after Order No. News by Hirun Cryer, Contributor Updated on 5 December 2019. This means doing lots of deliveries for them. Death Stranding players are using vehicles for griefing, and Kojima Productions is stepping in Homewrecker. Give them a few more items until they offer you one of theirs (they will stretch out a hand to offer it to you). Comment. There are a bunch of contaminated cargo pieces next to his facility. –> you must do Legend of Legends ranks (hard difficulty). That means 80 LoL Ranks total (20 x 4 categories = 80). Just worried about the trophy not popping and wanted total conformation Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. You can tell whether or not you previously completed a delivery by looking at the “Best Performance” section on the Standard Order screen. PS:Ziplines are fantastic Really hurried the evo-devo-biologist/heartman and so on just to be done before all the Ziplines are destroyed…. You’ll get this automatically while working on trophies “Great Deliverer” and “Best Beloved”. 2) – [The Roboticist Level 3], All-terrain Skeleton (Lv. Damn it. Your hub for everything related to … If BB’s health stays depleted, it will weaken your connection level drastically! Any chance you could give a map or something showing your zip lines? It’s exactly the same as hard (only difference you notice in boss battles). They respawn infinitely. I did so, indicating I was an Aquarius, and was quickly stopped dead in my tracks by a message that advised other star signs provided an option for better powers. Finally found first schematic after accept standard order with junk dealer (sorry but can’t remember order number), but it’s something about fuel or car components. So my tip is, look at video’s on youtube to see if you are missing any equipement or vehicles and if so, try looking for specific type of standard orders at different knots/locations where you can get orders from. Just don’t let BB’s health deplete (and if that ever happens, quickly find a private room to sleep and restore BB’s health). A Death Stranding fan has taken to Reddit to show off an ambitiously large road they constructed to aid players in other games. Took me almost two hours looking for his mission and lost cargo, got nothing. For Death Stranding on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Any tips on the 20 legend of legends trophy? Central Region (6 Facilities) – Peter Englert, Collector, Cosplayer, First Prepper, Veteran Porter, Novelist’s Son. I’m loving the game, but the thought of a 70 hour grind for the platinum after the story is so unappealing. If you don’t want to waste resources, you can make a manual save beforehand, use the materials from facilities (go to terminal > “Claim Materials”), build structures for trophy and reload manual save. I dont know if this will work for all of them. I then went to Lake Knot and found a standard order called: Tar Based Fuel – Prototype. Growth of a Legend Complete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of "Legend of Legends" in all categories. Death Stranding Trophy Roadmap Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 70-130 hours (excluding idle time) Total Trophies: 63 (1, 1, 2, 59) Offline Trophies: 57 (1, 2, 54) Online Trophies: 6 (1, 5) *PlayStation Plus isn’t required – Greatest of the Great Deliverers, A Helping Hand, Giver of Gifts, Great Deliverer, A Shout in the Dark, Building Bridges Number […] Here’s the most important part: You HAVE TO play on HARD DIFFICULTY and get an “S” Rank in the Mission Reward Screen to get “Legend of Legends” rating! Thanks mate! Not that it would matter though. To this amazing DEATH STRANDING community, thank you! So can I get to level 5 for all facilities on the first map before moving onto the second? Thank you all. I would have enjoyed the platinum. Bring it there and the trophy will unlock in the rewards screen. You must build those again using a PCC somewhere else. Unlocks after Order No. I’m gonna add that to the guide too, thanks for asking! Just keep pressing Touchpad in different places throughout the game and it will unlock eventually. All other craftables are available at any terminal in the world. You can’t get this rank on Normal or lower difficulties. My friend customizes it by pressing O but the option is not even there for me and I’ve played for about 140 hours by now. 1) – Level 1: 800 Metals – Level 2: 96 Chiral Crystals, 1600 Metals – Level 3: 500 Chiral Crystals, 2800 Metals, Climbing Anchor (Lv. If anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated! So, what you are saying I can just see the order, exit out of the accept-the-delivery-terminal, switch to Hard and then do it? i’m having to get LoL in time focused missions. Back up your save to PS+ Cloud or USB, then reinstall the game and build all structures again (restore backup save in case it gets deleted during reinstall). It took me 86 hours to plat the game without using any ziplines or skipping any cutscenes (not that you would want to unless your doing a speedrun). Don’t let BB’s health drop to zero (it goes into shock). Players will explore this massive open world, mostly on foot, as they deliver cargo all around this broken United States. Hello powerpyx sorry for my english Posted by 6 days ago. Check out this guide on all cities in Death Stranding and learn recommended routes to navigate between cities efficiently. – Truck: Defensive. The game was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, and by 505 Games for Windows. I currently have connected pretty much every knot in the mountain region of the middle map and i’m now reaching bandwidth limitations (without bringing everything to 5 stars so far). Great guide by the way! I’ve had an easier time getting Dark Souls trophies . There are 7 Hot Springs Locations in total, but for this you just need to find any one of them. 2) – [Mountaineer Level 3], Vog-Emitting Decoy Cargo – [Elder Level 2], Power Skeleton (Lv. 39. This is not a delivery category. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Can someone confirm/suggest other ways to get more interviews? Anything specific I have to do. There are a total of 40 regular and 23 hidden trophies in the game. After that I still needed Truck Defensive and Truck Long Range Lvl 3. When you’ve crafted them, exit the terminal and press Options > > Cargo > on freshly crafted boots > Put on Footwear.Alternatively, you can also find boots in the world and from enemies (e.g. 3 posts in this topic. You won’t have to walk anywhere and BTs (the ghostly enemies) can’t reach you while on a Zipline. It’s all explained throughout tutorial missions, so no worries. Your email address will not be published. Zip-lines can be very useful for quickly traveling over steep slopes. Check and Build Towers – Death Stranding Road Guide. Correct. 3) – [Mountain Knot City Level 3], Non-Lethal Assault Rifle (HG Custom) – [Peter Englert Level 5], Shotgun (HG Custom) – [Peter Englert Level 4], Riot Shotgun (Lv. Now at any terminal press on a Standard Order, then to “Select Premium Delivery”. I dont need the specific quests but only the prepper, and ofc i’ll wait untill the quests spawn, if you can help me thanks in advice! 0. Can i simply repeat respawning deliveries with another best ranking or do i have to fulfill 80 UNIQUE deliveries? At any point after Episode 9 (still possible after story), you can go inside Peter Englert’s facility to get the trophy. They can then be selected from Terminals. The biggest help to cut down on time is to make use of Ziplines – they are unlocked later in the game and let you zip from one line to the next without being slowed by your cargo. About the trophy “Growth of a legend” Already played through the story on a backup, so I know what I need to do. 2. It will take the bot some time to complete, usually around 1 hour. You can keep track of this under: World Map > > Bridge Links > on your PSN ID > Orders > Total Pieces of Cargo Delivered. Also play online so you see the Ziplines of other players and don’t have to use up your Chiral Bandwith (this is a “feature” that limits how many structures you can have on the map at the same time). DEATH STRANDING Trophies. Hello, You’ll get this automatically while going for “Best Beloved” (get 5 stars on all facilities). To see which facilities you found, press twice on the map. Game action. You find NPC Porters RANDOMLY throughout Central Region. Death Stranding I Couldnt Hold It In Trophy Guide How To Pee . Yes, that’s normal. hello, I put all im my bacpack, i use every toll and driver all whelices. – Build your network on the way to story objectives from Ch. Hideo Kojima Explains Death Stranding Tapes Gameplay Purpose . You get likes from a facility by making a delivery to them. Currently I’m in Episode 6 and I’m constantly out of bandwith (so I can’t place any more ziplines or other buildings). You must first craft a PCC, then use it to build those structures (except Ladder and Anchor, those can directly be crafted at terminals). Thanks for asking, I also added this detail to the overview at the top of the guide 🙂. The more weight the cargo has, the more likes you usually get. Getting S-Ranks on Premium Deliveries on Hard Difficulty is the best combination for extra likes. The only forced encounters are during story (some bosses and a bunch of BT areas). 2) – [Junk Dealer Level 3], Speed Skeleton (Lv. Attach it to your backpack then recycle it. Thanks! You get emails from doing 2 things: Story Missions, Leveling Up Facilities. Death Stranding Trophy Guide & Roadmap is here! I had about 23,000 Likes online when I reached level 60. If so, it means that player depends on likes from other players, does anybody know how many likes required to max it out? Death Stranding Trophy Guide Roadmap . Do you know where are the easiest quests in your opinion? Does it have to be done with LoLs, or is it possible to get the trophy by getting the Legend ranks given in Normal difficulty? Mountain Knot City), Power Gloves [Order No. Because of how many missions you do throughout the game, you’ll get it automatically early on. This can be used to customize structures/items. Alternatively, ramming them with vehicles (truck / trike) works too and will instantly stun them! This didn’t void trophy if you change it mid game ? Once you randomly encounter these Porters / delivery people, make sure you give them as many likes as possible with Touchpad . By Theodore Yurevitch Jul 26, 2020. Death Stranding contains a unique social system with its own currency of “Likes” that are connected to how Sam effectively ranks up in the game. According to the details in the Bridges Link menu (orders tab), Premium deliveries count as standard deliveries, so you can do just premium deliveries for the trophy i guess 🙂. Sometimes I will get 1.70x and get 50 Points, but other times I get 30. Nothing in this game is missable. I finished the story and I have all facilities at max level, but I’m still around 80 interviews. It's recommended to first connect all the hubs to the basic chiral network, or as the preppers call them "Bridges", because the player is only allowed to see and utilize other players' structures in the hub's domain after they have linked it to the chiral network. Hard and Very Easy are identical for deliveries. The last 3 memory chips give tons of interviews, no worries. When you’ve only discovered a few facilities you can’t build a lot but with each facility’s level up you can build more and expand your ziplines. Anyone else having BB issues? 136 comments. 1.can you tell me if there is a way to check my ranking score in every premium delivery? You do this by going to one of your structures and holding Options-Button > Upgrade Structure. I'm not sure lmao. If BB’s health is depleted, the only way to recover is to sleep in a private room as soon as possible. And mu stat stop on 71/72 🙁. They are rarer than the other two but you’ll get enough missions while you’re trying to max out the facilities, also there’s few time deliveries that nets you 3k+ which can help a lot, you can find one from timefall farm to knot city I think after you progress timefall farm enough, I almost have all premium in each category, but i’m glad you confirm me the BB trophy is not glitched 😁, I’m still sticking to episode 5 to clean up the Central Region (my farming side ahah), but i finally decided to move to the mountains, I was sad that BB no longer chirps 😋, Anyway, thanks for your answer, it’s kind to you 😊, I’m having problems with the BB too, currently shows 5 stars with 581 likes but no trophy😩. Same exact issue here – 51 for delivery time after Best Beloved. 50] –> can only be crafted in snowy mountain region (e.g. You unlock Bridge Links by completing the mandatory story order “[Order No. View all the Trophies here 38. In Sam’s private room, interact with the Map/Information on the wall (this is a mandatory story step and unmissable). They don’t count towards the stats and aren’t normally needed for the trophy, but who knows maybe it helps anyway. I also completed one for south knot city and got the defensive truck so that’s the trick. After the story there are no more forced enemy encounters so Hard difficulty is no different from Very Easy. Metro Exodus Trophy Guide How To Get All Trophies . You don’t have to travel 80km in a single order! I can spawn the first truck now. An extra tip is if you happen to find two or more lost cargo for him, or find one whilst doing a delivery for him, only complete one of them, sleep, read emails and then give him the other. 3. GENERATOR – (PCC Lv. Try at a different facility. Got mine yesterday. Only Standard Orders respawn. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Share Share Tweet Email. You can’t get S ranks on easy nor can you get Legend / Legend of Legends rank. You only need 80 on hard with S-Rank. My connection with BB was progressing well, I was doing all the necessary actions and I was regularly winning half star by half star. I’ve counted out everything I can make and it’s 72. The trophy description for premium deliveries says it can be done with Legend OR Legend of Legends ranks. Will I still be able to get the Growth of a Legend trophy if I finished all the deliveries on first section or world on normal and already have 45 s class awards? 3.3k. To soothe BB: Hold. So it was easy leveling up distribution centers, taking ton like orders and delivering cargo with truck. All of the contaminated cargo near Junk Dealer is gone, how can I get the trophy “Public Service Porter” without those? The video game … Will this make the game easy? Enjoy the Story how you wish. I have concerns that i will have to run around for miles to deconstruct stuff later on. I want to enjoy the game without worrying about not pulling a completionist-playtrhough in the end. Death Stranding Any Porter In A Storm Trophy Guide How To Trade . Then you can use the extra bandwidth you gained from those level-ups to expand your zipline network. They have to be 80 DIFFERENT Orders! Just got mine at 19,000, other than building structures and leaving signs; you can craft and donate a lot in every facility. I get what you are saying and will probably do as you advise, but had to ask to make triple sure everything is fine and that I haven’t messed anything up 😁 The list consists of some story trophies, crafting, 56 collectibles (memory chips), and deliveries. Death Stranding’s full map is out now and though there’s still some parts of map which are still need to fully discovered we bring you the detailed map for you to get a head start in the game. Or you can use your bare hands to strike them or throw cargo for instant knockouts. 2) – Level 1: 300 Chiral Crystals, 2400 Special Alloys – Level 2: 500 Chiral Crystals, 4500 Special Alloys – Level 3: 1000 Chiral Crystals, 6840 Special Alloys, TIMEFALL SHELTER – (PCC Lv. When a facility runs out of materials, fast travel to the next one to build remaining structures and repeat. It has very few enemies and no reinforcements driving around on trucks. Jesus… I have been trying to find the answer for this for the last 2 days. 98 hours still going, stuck at first prepper, every time I find the one magical delivery he accepts to level up, I then have to go around to find the next one. I’ve compared everything I have to the list of items that can be fabricated and nothing is missing. report. These are NPCs (non-player characters) and not actual online players! Then go to a facility with a private room, go to terminal and click “Claim Materials” > and to select the material(s) you need. I finish many orders on normal and I get rank LEGEND 24] Prototype Bot Delivery: Distribution Center South of Lake Knot” (Episode 3). But you do get some bonus likes for S ranks on hard, which makes it go faster. Only when you complete a delivery it updates your Bridge Link Grade (based on how many online likes you got since last delivery). Please someone tell me there’s a fix for this, crafted everything at least 3 times but it keeps stuck at 71/72. So basically what I did was complete the sticky gun Order for Sam that is given by Southerland if I’m not mistaken and Mama allowed me to craft the truck at the same time. It does look like a bug or a glitch idk. I’ve been doing jobs, some with robots some manually and still nothing. I've called it the first post-botw open world game and it will likely stay the only one for a long time. 4.36 94,432 14,610 (15%) 100-120h. Where can I … ️ Take care and keep on keeping on! To keep track of which individual items you crafted: Go to a Terminal > Fabricate Equipment > click on an item to see the item description > in bottom left corner of item description will be a small white box. It's a big one Prioritize Ziplines early on and you will save a lot of time later. I’ve remade all 72 things 3 times now and it’s still stuck at 71/72. I don’t know if this helps but make sure you attach the equipment to you, don’t just fabricate it and then dump it before recycling it. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. I don’t see what else I can do atm. The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. Once you got it, go to any BT area and press to cut an umbilical cord.

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