How long had he been running for? Minor Character Death; Togami Byakuya-Centric; Togami Byakuya is Bad at Feelings; he is also bad at friendship; Angst (i love to make characters suffer) (no happiness allowed) Pre-Despair (Dangan Ronpa) Self-Harm; Child Abuse; Hurt No Comfort; Summary. Byakuya Togami is the mastermind version of Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa Mastermind AU. It took me so long to decide if i should add the cgi animated scenes in UDG. Togami isn't weak. See more ideas about danganronpa, aesthetic, byakuya togami. save. He's sick of him going on about how Chihiro and Mondos deaths were just part of a game. Togahina tag on Tumblr Trivia. 1 Appearance 1.1 2 Early Life 3 Mastermind Version 4 Trivia 5 Gallery He has blue eyes and glassses. by greenmapple17. A stray cufflink can be found some distance away from Togami's body, bearing the Togami family crest. "Well, let's assume that Toko's secret was about Genocide Jack." (DR2 Spoiler) We did see him(the real one) with Kyoko and Makoto during the end of DR2 but after watching the 1st episode of DR3: Future Arc, I don't see him anyway or even hint about his location. Byakuya Togami. You all are pathetic" Togami said harshly. Byakuya claims to have a personal fund of 400 billion yen. 1 Canon 2 Pre-Convergence 3 Plot Involvement 3.1 School Daze 3.2 Monokuma's Awakening 3.3 Civil War 3.4 House of M 4 Character Relationships 5 Trivia As tradition for the Togami family, Byakuya had to beat out his other … Jul 19, 2020 - Explore A Snow Pea's board "Byakuya togami" on Pinterest. He also dies with another fan favorite, Taka, which makes his death not even that sweet. During the Australia Arc, Byakuya, Chihiro, and Gundham helped Alvin find his bandmates. Él era el hermano menor y heredero del gigante financiero de la familia Togami. Never ... where you eventually find Togami's body. Summary: Ishida is sick of it. Art goes pyonbot on tumblr. New comments cannot be posted and … Byakuya … "And why the hell is that?" "What do you mean?" "Byakuya Togami" As Byakuya, the imposter appears very similar to the real one, having platinum blond hair and bright blue eyes accompanied by rectangular, white-framed glasses. "I, Byakuya Togami, have escaped from the McDonalds playplace by myself, and I have come for revenge" — Byakuya Togami, after escaping the McDonalds playplaceByakuya Togami is a character in the Kyokoverse, and the Ultimate Affluent Progeny. During chapter 2, after his death, she states that she misses "Byakuya" a lot. Byakuya Togami is found lying on the dead center of the basement floor, a spotlight shining on him. 17 comments. Depending on the players actions, he can live or die. Did I miss something? Jan 10, 2021 - Explore søggyratcørpses's board "♡Danganronpa Aesthetics♡" on Pinterest. For screencaps of Byakuya's appearances in Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, see: Byakuya Togami/Image Gallery/Anime. Saved by rosarie moon. Aoi Asahina/Byakuya Togami tag on AO3. See more ideas about byakuya togami, danganronpa, danganronpa trigger happy havoc. Ibuki admires Ultimate Imposter while they are impersonating as Byakuya Togami, thinking that they're very cool and reliable and she admires their leadership skills. DEVIANTART. your own Pins on Pinterest He is the one who killed Elodie's mother Fidelia. Reader wants to conduct a psychological experiment to test Togami's reaction to affection, for 100% professional reason and not at all because they may have the tiniest crush on him. He is a very powerful luman, and a former musician. He's just sick of him. Jan 11, 2021 - Explore Adrianna Alago's board "byakuya togami is hot" on Pinterest. Dirty hobo! This murderous fiend is responsible for Chihiro's death." Enoee {DISCLAIMER: Death, blood, and some swearing go on in thisss sooo yeah} (I couldn't come up with a name so I let you chose whatever sounded better)--You knew his every move. At least that's what he tells himself. Both, along with Kyoko Kirigiri, got a fake death in the second main installement they appeared in: Byakuya had one when Ultimate Imposter, in his disguise, died in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. On the Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibōgamine Gakuen THE STAGE 2018 website is a unique Byakuya pixel in his Future Foundation outfit. a guest . This article covers information about Byakuya Togami's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Harshly raised, he Togami's Body: Is found … "If a secret like … Apr 25, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Reality Master. Of course, Togami knew that it was impossible to escape death, that didn't mean he was going to go down easily. Byakuya Togami (十神 白夜, Togami Byakuya) Voiced by (English): Jason Wishnov (game); Josh Grelle (anime) Voiced by (Japanese): Akira Ishida The successor of a highly successful family corporation who considers himself superior to all the other students in the academy. How you all care about his death, we all killed him, after all" said Byakuya grinning. Ishida is sick of Byakuya Togami and he's going to make sure he shuts up. 2. They are sometimes a bit annoyed with her. Togahina tag on DeviantArt. Feb 19, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Archlen .. He has no problem killing others for his own personal gain, but he cares about his family, and when he does luman … Dirty hobo! Dec 17 2020. t0g4mi-deactivated20210110. Their shirt appears to be the same one as the real Byakuya in the first game; however, "Byakuya" is very heavy set and wears a white dinner jacket, white slacks, and white dress shoes. He's sick of him disrespecting the dead. He made his series debut in School Daze under the identity of Brennan Ishida. Apr 9, 2017 - Explore MC 's board "byakuya togami" on Pinterest. Asked Mondo, looking at him furiously. See more ideas about Byakuya togami, Danganronpa, Danganronpa characters. The Death of Byakuya Togami NeoCthulhu. Victim: Byakuya Togami Cause of Death: Crushing Location: Basement Time of Death: ~4 AM Facts - Basement: No apparent signs of a struggle can be found. "There's clearly a motive, so there should be no doubt." Discover (and save!) Byakuya Togami x Yandere!Reader - I Promise/Forever. Aug 12th, 2013. Kirigiri Kyoko/Togami Byakuya (44) Naegi Makoto/Togami Byakuya (13) Kirigiri Kyoko/Naegi Makoto (11) Komaeda Nagito/Nanami Chiaki (7) Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (6) Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki (5) Kirigiri Kyoko/Naegi Makoto/Togami Byakuya (4) Fukawa Touko/Togami Byakuya (3) Asahina Aoi/Naegi Makoto (3) Akamatsu Kaede/Saihara Shuichi (3) This thread is archived. He wears a black and white uniform with a Monokuma on his chest with a red X. However long, it felt like forever ; regardless, he wasn't going to stop. report. I do like Togami's role in the game as kind of a douchebag. 132 . Togami is the main antagonist of Long Live the Queen. "If someone didn't murder and graduate within 24 hours, an embarrassing memory or secret would be revealed." He couldn't, those little Monokumas weren't going to give him a way out. In addition, during chapter 5 when she and the other deceased characters show up, she greets … Hisana asked Byakuya to find and adopt her biological sister, Rukia, whom she had abandoned as a baby, as her final … His eyes are closed, his expression is pained, and his entire torso is completely gone: where his chest used to be sits a gigantic stack of gold bars, probably worth … He is part of Hopes Peak Academys Class 78th. Returning after putting on some pounds, Byakuya Togami is once again an overpowering student, immediately claiming the role as leader. 100% Upvoted. Byakuya Togami is the mastermind version of Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa Mastermind AU. Byakuya Togami is a protagonist from the Danganronpa series. You had his schedule memorized, his locker combination, his phone number, and his address. 60 notes. your own Pins on Pinterest He's sick of his presence. It was almost as if, the first time the two of … Due to the large number of images, this section has been split from Byakuya's main gallery. TUMBLR. Discover (and save!) After Chihiro tracked Simon down in Australia, Byakuya … And stays quiet. Although his feet scorched like soldering irons … Late in the game he invades Nova for the queen's luman jewel. Dec 17 2020. dudesoda. Dirty hobo! This mode is unlocked after completing the main game. I asked my friend what I should draw and he answered "byakuya togami but doing the koichi mystery pose" And there's no way I wouldn't do that. Faint laughter comes from somewhere, but the source of the laughter can't be found. Nov 19, 2020 - These sprites appear during the School Mode minigame while collecting resources. DEATH: Byakuya Togami. Though I wouldn't consider Nagito and Togami counterparts of each other, I'd still cast my vote for Komaeda.

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