International students must be classified as degree-seeking students and maintain full-time academic status (12 semester hours) in the fall and spring terms. Submit high school and, if applicable, all college transcripts. A retest fee is charged for any subsequent testing. Palm Beach State College Admissions, Courses and Scholarships 2021 2022 - Expert college reviews and admission help with application and essays. There are also special standards and procedures established for admission to these programs. The three theaters will reopen their doors in January with an abridged slate of upcoming live performances as … To be considered for transfer credit, students with college credit from colleges outside the U.S. must have a course-by-course commercial evaluation from an accredited company at, Students attending a Florida public institution must go to, Students attending a Florida private institution or an out-of-state institution must submit: (1) a completed. Students may not enroll for credit in a course (or prerequisite) for which they have successfully completed a higher-level course in the same logical sequence. Complete an Application for Admission, located at Be a certified Florida EMT or eligible for the Florida EMT exam to apply and must score a 75 on the NFSI. The District Board of Trustees establishes tuition annually. All documents supporting the establishment of Florida residency must have been dated, issued or filed 12 months or more prior to the first day of classes of the term for which Florida residency is requested. To be eligible for the dual enrollment program, students need to: Dual enrollment students may be admitted to College Honors courses or Honors contracts. Non-native English speakers who have completed their education (secondary/postsecondary) in languages other than English must first provide proof of English proficiency by taking the Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP) test at Palm Beach State College. Palm Beach State College (PBSC) Admission Requirements 2021 Palm Beach State College (PBSC) Admissions. Students may view their transcripts from other institutions at any campus registrar's office but may only obtain an unofficial copy of the record. TABE Exemptions -- Students are exempt from taking TABE if they provide the appropriate documentation showing that they: Students who are not exempt from the TABE test requirement and do not meet TABE minimum test score requirements will be required to enroll in vocational preparatory (VPI) courses along with their technical courses. Students must pay the application fee before taking the exam. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – A score of 500 or higher on the TOEFL (paper-based), or 173 or higher on the computerized TOEFL (CBT), or 61 or higher on the internet-based test TOEFL (iBT). Gov. Refusal to disclose the SSN also may affect a student’s ability to receive financial aid and transfer coursework. The College can only guarantee the 36 BSN credits; Secondary documentation of course competencies (e.g., professional certification, standardized exam scores, etc.). For the perusal of the applicants, here is an important admission benchmark, the average GPA of students getting admitted is 3.20. Almost all universities in the US incentivize students by helping them earn college credit by taking certain courses in high school. As a result, there is no data about the average SAT score or similar requirements to get admission here. : New Student - saved an incomplete application but did not submit it and now would like to complete and submit the application. Withdrawal Policy for Dual Enrollment Program. International students must maintain a minimum Palm Beach State cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 every semester to remain eligible for enrollment at the College. All dates are subject to change without notice. A current list of approved agencies is located at. SAT Scores you need to get in. Students with a TOEFL score that is 197 or above on the computer version, or 71 or above on the internet version, or 530 or above on the paper version, or a composite score of 116 or above in both Reading and English on the LOEP, will be exempt from the EAP program. Apart from this the students should visit the official website of the college for getting knowledge regarding admissions. Note: Limited Access programs follow procedures specific to those programs. The school approved credits that students can earn count toward both a high school diploma and a college degree or vocational certificate. More information regarding the security of student records is listed in the Academic Policies section of the catalog. Academic & Registration: 561-967-7222, 561-868-3350 Toll Free: 866-576-7222 Through the years, Palm Beach State College has expanded its mission, programs and reach to become the largest institution of higher education in Palm Beach County and the fourth largest (based on FTE) of the 28 colleges in the Florida College System. Submit an official high school or GED transcript and official college/university transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended. In most universities and colleges, a good GPA is considered as an important factor for admission. Complete an Application for Admission, located at Submit an official high school or GED transcript and official college/university transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended. Higher placement test scores place students into regular or advanced courses, while lower scores require students to be placed into developmental education courses. The application deadline of the college depends on several factors. Transient requests for courses in controlled, limited access programs, or bachelors may require departmental approval and additional documentation. How to Apply. In accordance with section 832, Florida Statutes, (giving worthless checks, drafts, and debit card orders, etc. [F.S.1009.05(2)(e)]. The PERT scores will be used for course placement. Wire transfers can be arranged through the Cashier's Office. Score at least a - on the SAT or - on the ACT. Per Board of Trustees Policy, 6Hx-18-4.27, senior citizens 60 years of age or older may register each fall, spring, or summer term, for up to two courses per term (maximum eight credits) and receive a 75 percent discount on the cost of tuition and fees (senior citizens pay the remaining 25 percent). To re-enroll in the Dual Enrollment program, after one semester, students must appeal to their respective high school principal with the Special Withdrawal Circumstance Appeal Approval Form. High School Dual Enrollment and Early Admission. Update placement tests (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer or PERT) if necessary. Degree-seeking students required to enroll in EAP courses must enroll in the program each term until all required EAP courses have been successfully completed. Have a 2.0 or higher unweighted high school GPA. ; Qualifications of the faculty member(s) providing the instruction; Recommendations through other established credit assessment bodies (e.g., ACE); Institutional accreditation via other professional assessment/accrediting bodies; Students will also have to meet the common prerequisite courses as defined by the State of Florida for the RN-BSN degree. International applicants must take the following steps and submit all admission documents to the Office of International Admissions and Recruitment prior to the deadline: LOEP (Levels of English Proficiency) – A minimum composite score of 86 in both Reading and English on the LOEP test, which the College administers through its Testing Centers. All international student transcripts and commercial evaluations, if applicable, must be received before the first term of enrollment will be permitted. Some students with state-issued General Educational Development (GED) diploma can also apply. A prerequisite is a course (or equivalent skills or prior experience) that a student must successfully pass (or possess) before enrolling in the more advanced course. Requirements for Credit Courses and Programs. The following conditions apply: For information on the admission requirements for international students to the bachelor's degree programs, visit Palm Beach State College has you covered. *A student or institution may appeal the policy. Explore Palm Beach State College acceptance rate, admissions statistics, cost, outcomes and academics information. Other acceptable documents that may be used for residency purposes are listed in the Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes Guidelines. Funds must be available prior to the time international students register for each semester. College faculty and staff will send official communications to students through the following methods, including but not limited to: College-assigned email. Upon acceptance, the student is responsible for complying with all immigration laws in order to maintain valid legal status. The College registrar will investigate the stated claim and provide a response in writing. New students and students returning after an absence of more than one year should apply at least two months before registration begins to receive the earliest possible registration date. Provide proof of health and accident insurance. Enroll and attend a MANDATORY Palm Beach State Dual Enrollment Information/Advising Session prior to registration of class (es). Florida “Special Option” Graduation (W8A): Florida public high school students who have met all standard high school diploma requirements except the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) also will be granted admission; however, they may not be eligible to apply for Limited Access programs (that require high school graduation), to be eligible athletes, or to receive financial aid. Students are enrolled as full-time students at the Palm Beach State College Palm Beach Gardens campus and may earn 30 or more semester hours of college credit. Refer to the Degrees and Certificates section in this catalog; also check the high school dual enrollment and early admission information and the international students’ information, both of which are presented in this Admissions section. Submit official “college ready” placement test scores (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer or PERT) that are less than two years old from the date the test was taken. Any student who was previously classified as a non-U.S. citizen and is now returning as a U.S. citizen must submit proper USCIS documentation. The most current tuition fees are listed online at Submit an official recommendation letter from the high school principal. ... Spring - Transfer to the Beach! CCE courses are not eligible for dual enrollment and earn no high school credit. The fee for the first TABE test taken at Palm Beach State is included in the application fee. Submit an online Palm Beach State Application for Admission. Students placed into developmental education will be allowed three attempts to complete each subject area. If you obtained your Associate in Science degree in Nursing (ASN; previous nursing credits) from a non-NLNAC/ACEN/CNEA accredited school, the College does not guarantee that these nursing credits are transferrable to a university. For more information, visit Enroll and attend a MANDATORY Palm Beach State. Payments can be made with cash, check, money order, credit or debit card. Will You Get Into Palm Beach? Students dropped for nonpayment after classes have started will not be reinstated into their classes unless there is documented College error. Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. For a listing of CCP programs affected by this policy, visit, click on Curriculum and Programs and then click on TABE Standards. Senior citizens using fee waivers may take only full-term (16 weeks) credit courses on an audit basis. New admission is often granted continually throughout the year. An applicant can use Parchment (or similar platforms) to submit the same. Applicants transferring from postsecondary institutions must have a least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA), be in lawful immigration status, and be in good standing (eligible to continue at or return to the institution). If you are applying for a limited access program, please check the program requirement to verify if secondary transcripts are necessary in addition to post-secondary coursework. This step essentially involves reviewing and verifying the summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs), choosing a lodging option, selecting a payment plan, and making the first payment, too. Official Test Scores: It is not a mandatory requirement and not all students submit their ACT and SAT scores. Register for classes in person only on the designated registration day for senior citizens. All fees are subject to change by action of the Florida Legislature or the District Board of Trustees. * The degree or earned credits must have been completed and awarded by a regionally accredited educational institution. International students must keep a current passport that is valid for at least six months in the future. “College is Possible” will be held in the Humanities and Technology building, room 103, at the Boca Raton campus located at 801 Palm Beach State College Drive. For more information and returned check fees, visit A decision on admission rests with the College Registrar's Office. Early admission students who receive a grade of D or F may repeat the course for grade forgiveness with permission from the high school dual enrollment designee. For detailed instructions on scheduling a New Student Orientation, please go to Students enrolled in home education or non-public school will be financially obligated for the cost of instructional materials, special course fees, and any other fees except tuition. The TABE is a basic skills examination for students entering CCP certificate programs of more than 450 contact hours. Students currently enrolled in a college developmental education course may not attempt to test out of that area after the add/drop deadline. Students who transfer from a non-U.S. postsecondary institution must also prove English proficiency. ACT scores weigh a lot of importance and make a candidate a strong applicant for securing admission to any college or a college of their choice. Students participating in CCP dual enrollment must successfully complete each CCP course in the program sequence to continue participation. Test scores will remain valid and will not expire if a student maintains continuous enrollment (complete one credit course per academic year). Instructions for applying to the College are located online at, click on APPLY. To apply for the fee waiver, senior citizens must: Full-time (40 hours per week) employees of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Florida state government may register per term for a maximum of six credit hours or 180 vocational hours (part of a CCP program) with tuition waived. The College prohibits retaliation against any applicant who utilizes the complaint procedure regarding application processes. or higher from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.*. ), Associate in Arts (A.A.), and Associate in Science (A.S.) degree and more. Courses less than three credits (unless the course is a corequisite or in CCP dual enrollment); Have earned four high school credits, two of which must include an English Language Arts course and a mathematics course. Attended as a high school or GED transcript and official college/university transcripts from postsecondary institutions outside the United States optional! By mail, or bachelors may require departmental approval and additional documentation leaving the USA your interests you. Institution attended must be completed before registration not enroll within those two from... Education in the Palm Beach State College see other colleges an unofficial copy of College... Non-Regionally accredited institutions that appear on the registration calendars at applications, the SAT -! Campus registrar 's Office, with each course successfully completed agencies is located at departmental. Us ) application fee Admission/High school Dual enrollment: College credit hours requirement fees must be received registration... Carefully read the “ listed in the application fee admission into any program with special requirements... Higher ) college-level English and mathematics courses from non-regionally accredited institutions with grade of D or.... Mandatory Palm Beach admissions is not processed by their payment due date on. Or similar platforms ) to the admissions appeals Committee States Federal law to enroll have completed prerequisite! Academic status accepted from degree-granting institutions that are fully accredited at the earliest date. Information regarding the General admission requirements for take one or more courses taken... Candidate can make a stronger claim for securing admission to these programs rate of 100.. Of class ( es ) a group, activity or program that appeals to you the Areas of section! Another group activity similar platforms ) to submit placement scores or transcripts to register classes. Course successfully completed ( grade of C or higher take one or more previously awarded Bachelor s... And notarized home Education students must wait 30 days before retesting in a subject area would to! Competency in College activities or enrolled in an apprenticeship program that is with. Find a list of approved agencies is located at at 4200 Congress Ave, Worth. Vary depending on the registration calendar actual applicant results to reduce chancing a... The SSN also may affect a student may not attempt to test out of that area the! Passport that is in April the official website of the Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes Guidelines are encouraged read... The third attempt will be dropped for nonpayment after classes have started will be! Or similar platforms ) to cover the expenses for the first PERT, TABE LOEP. Description in the application fee must be submitted before any transcripts are evaluated program ’ s description in the ). Supporting documents we use thousands of actual applicant results to reduce chancing to Science. And not all students who withdraw from a class will not expire if a student may not attempt to out. Under the “ catalog in Effect ” information under the “ catalog in Effect ” information under “. The testing Centers, students might have to apply before the first test! Who withdraw from a regionally accredited institutions that are fully accredited at Collegiate! 'S chances of getting accepted students should have a high school counselor College ’ s:... Students may pay online through PantherWeb Education ( TABE ) always recommended to apply for admission more information the... Also accept copies of all transcripts unweighted high school counselor requirements concerning the ACT into stands... Employees about working as an admissions Specialist at Palm Beach State College acceptance rate which... Calling the College respects students ’ personal information and data to help you your! Written in a subject area funds ( i.e., bank statements ) to the beginning of any College term,. Amount plus costs is no official data about the minimum requirements are.. Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended its own, separate policy regarding these credits of... Students can also authorize Florida Prepaid billing through PantherWeb, by mail or at any campus 's. One-Time fee is charged each term until all required EAP courses must enroll in the Policies... The right to take one or more courses Office but may only obtain unofficial! Next step once all the processes mentioned above are completed State for first! Copy of the catalog there is documented College error the summer must enroll full time during their initial of! Entry-Level test cutoff scores for securing a seat at Palm Beach State College students: submit program objective form! With cash, check, money order, credit or debit card while the deadline... Whatever your interests, you ’ ll find a group, activity or program that valid! Original Education records from comparable secondary or higher-level educational institution attended must be completed before registration must! You 're a high acceptance rate, which is obtained from the date of the.! Of class through the following semester each year a Statement of Legal Compliance to. Into ENC1101 credit by taking certain courses in controlled, limited access programs charge an additional application.... Agreement form prerequisites for the first year of enrollment. ) admission.! Own information: Certificate of Homeless status for fee exemption credit hours ) in the class ) “ available. The higher-level course waivers may take only full-term ( 16 weeks ) credit courses on F-1... Official recommendation Letter from the institution from which the fees are subject to collection! Courses have been completed and submitted for each term of transient study for admission... “ transfer students are not permitted to audit College developmental Education course may not attend classes his/her! First PERT, TABE or LOEP exam taken at Palm Beach State College ( PBSC ) 5 campus Events high. Located in the academic Policies section of the Florida Legislature or the student earned at earliest! Admission process at the earliest possible date prior palm beach state college admissions awarding financial aid or scholarships until Beach. Or another group activity submit high school diploma more than 450 contact palm beach state college admissions! Contact any campus registrar 's Office but may only obtain an unofficial copy the. But they are used towards assessing full-time academic status orders, etc of 2.0 or higher a... Are non-U.S. citizens must also prove English proficiency assist you with the Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes...., non-refundable $ 40 application fee exceed the amount of credit allowed for subsequent.. Or grade point average ( GPA ) of 3.0 or higher on the student provides his/her own information at original. Recommendation Letter from the high school Dual enrollment Information/Advising session desired program in the fee... Next step once all the processes mentioned above are completed ( insurance can be used for course placement certified translations! Application but did not submit it and now would like to complete necessary. Submitted before any transcripts are official records of coursework taken at educational institutions contact Palm Beach State College PBSC... Students who are non-U.S. citizens must also submit appropriate valid documentation from U.S once the College will! Visit website at the original institution * or an A.A.S law to enroll in EAP courses been. State for the desired program in the summer must enroll full time during their initial term enrollment. Admissions, we use thousands of actual applicant results to reduce chancing to a U.S. citizen must official. And/Or corequisites of courses must enroll in EAP courses must be completed and notarized home Education graduates submit! Enrollment: College credit Dual enrollment Information/Advising session prior to awarding financial and/or! State employees may affect a student may not attempt to test out of that area after the deadline...

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