This way you can focus on grasping the node based compositing with a project you are familiar with. Okay. And now it is less visible. House. All right. It recognizes every single application on your computer that it supports. Yes, We're going to work on the you notice here when we were working with Pickler. Got affection. Okay, So same thing. This is frame number one. This is really getting weird. Note to duplicate or make somebody disappear from your footage on. It's just v tool saturation. Okay, now we're done about this note. But for some reason that blue jeans of this guy are standing out in the image yet they don't have a role in the whole story on you may be thinking, I want to downplay that blue. Another's to a viewer can have take up to 10 inputs. But that's fine. It I am Want to cover a bid? Let's have a look at some. Okay, on this is why the vfx supervisor the eye off the first production team vfx post election team needs to be present urine production to see and look at the shot. You just come over here a new push It. Say, for example, for the shadows and they're gonna be the dark sides The dark parts of image. You will see the same interface on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so don't worry about the cross-platform problem. Okay, that's this is this is good enough. As for 3D rendering or modeling, even the free Blender can easily rival AE. So compression is the enemy off visual effects, not just green screen or visual effects. Actually, I'm standing on year. Okay. This one is space. Here it's called be, Iike, a big good. But with Hugh correct, you are going to select a particular value off you. I then can, having said everything I needed to set, making sure that I also have my own gp a stuff in there. Good. In fact, it’s similar enough that if you know one, you know the other. This part here is draw is mostly about rotoscoping. All right, on. Let's go with that. Now, I have frame range as the perfect from range. Okay, so why are we talking about all of this? Enabled It is able to enable disabled. We have here the possibility to create with busy toe ellipse toe rectangle dependent in the shape we're gonna be using busy toe on. Thus, I pick up 10 best Adobe After Effects alternatives, range from free open-source software to comparatively expensive programs, fitting your various demand and budgets. You have exactly the same workflow. So be careful, please. OK, cool. 0.98 is about enough. You could go for yes and give it a try, but I'll go for no. 6. You don't need to worry too much about the about the values. I want to merge all of these things at once. Plus, we have this this on this. You're actually gonna bring in several files and you know, composite in only two D with two d. So this is a name in studio, right? Okay, that was it. Because it's what between what's between shadows? Because we are now trying to make sure we are tweaking or greens. So let me remove this. The other values are most of the values. See, actually color. We're going to move to Roto Paint now, now, or autumn paint. And I connect that same story about the fame rage. We know today. Just appear. We can use some existing things on the airplane, but it helps to have markers. Okay, so now we're going to add a trucker. You get it? but I don't want him to be that close. Same thing applies to Shortland annoying. These are about the same than this one, and this is the closest one to the camera, and then we have the rock. The markers need to be there. But the atmosphere, it's fine to be agreed. So let's say this going doesn't belong here, and I only need these on the commander. No. I don't want the border to be part of it. It's I just wanted to merge, to be invisible in the whole thing, like it's all about what's going on. This is shuffle and it's very useful knowed about color channels. I'm just move it a bit up. By all means, you can do that. God will do the opposite will remove the people, then get the green, then remove the whole green, not just one color. After Effects is an excellent video editing program that allows you to quickly and easily edit your images, videos and other media in the most effective way. There is nothing better than reality when it comes to trying to get a killing place. Now, what is the level of detail we're talking about when we talk about, um the just reset this to number one. Vegas Effects gives you 800 staggering effects, filters, and presets that help you create eye-catching outcomes without having to install extra plugins. It's not just him is everywhere. Okay, If they're all separate from each other, it's going to be well, it's just better. Okay, So when you have a hole here, I'm gonna increase it just a little bit. Okay. Follow the guidance during the production on then it will be much easier on post production . All right. No, this stuff you will not find in i b k and a nuke. That is true. New format. Nay Tron is open source and free. One of you bring in your import if you change the frame rate for that. It It is a place where is because I need to select it. You can this way, if you want. The image gets darker. What would you need to have here is black. Okay? What we can also do? And here you set your parameters right so that you don't have any problems down the road up . You don't need to dio to press him control on connect every time. Be very gentle. Not to make sure that my values this is by default checked in. What does offset do OK before we move to offset. Okay, let's get a bit closer here. 1,000,000 tons. Instead of this note, you would get your clean plate so it would not be you wouldn't have any. Right? Now, this is project settings. We don't use one. It was founded by Blackmagic Fusion to be free, portable, and cross-platform; and to offer robust-enough and efficient tools for compositors to … The image based Kian way it's it's it's part of the deal. Because this is the sequence of events. That's one of the uses off the hue. Four month. So I'm just gonna dispel already. Natron is an open source, cross platform nodal compositing application. My assessment. Tracking: important during production: track in. I have to adjust this stuff. So this is what it was about. Six. We first come here to make the perimeters on. So what is it gonna be? It sets it goes back to the default value. Let me go back to Black points in White Point and explain what it happens in that what happens in the store grams, that when I come to offset you know what I'm talking about? 1 70 Yeah, this should be fine. Now we talk about the, um, parameters. So I go up just a little like this. Okay? What do we need to to do? Forward tracking has finished on. Just remove this one. Slightly different name in, sometimes from from you. We will not do this yet. It is impossible on them for the markers. And this is the one, right? It is built around industry standard open source tech such as OpenFX, OpenEXR, OpenColorIO and OpenImageIO. How do we import footage in here? Okay, it's way better, But if you have no choice, but you could have them have the actor move in front of a marker. Sorry. Let me connect this viewer to this guy over here. You could use white markers, you could use whatever. Is it just about contrast? You cool? Shadows are not cars off the green screen. Okay, so I got an error. No. It's going to use the cash. And that is a little different. Nature on Andi that is going to be plug ins of projects and this is what it looks like. Well, something like this. We need to have dream. I've got Chroma key. Move him around or here in. They don't d The color. Teoh rgb That's in case you need. One of these image sequences videos are This is a video is a video, and we're going to work with this one, and we're going to track. Because file support important in terms of important nature, um, supports list of files. I mean, it's surrendered with the right parts. This means that on. Then let me just frame this. Okay, but we are still working on this. Okay, now, a few things before we move to clear black and flip points. So you have the I B K gizmo and the I B k color. We have exported a young 24 and we have export. You wouldn't do that for the notes that use very often. Let me try to bring in something else for later on. It's all about what is going on around her. All right. And I'm gonna put a rock in the foreground. Some open-source products even prevail over After Effects in 3D-animation graphics processing performance. May. Is, um so what we think is we need to just dog it. Well, I'm gonna move this one a little bit around to get my six. Okay, so I have tracker. Because I was going to re calculator the whole thing. Those Spain, Spain on de zablit. If you have more copy from and put the name off your custom. Okay, second thing when you use Marcus and you asked gently the people to leave the markets are still there. You can reduce this to have less of an impact on it. Somewhat to the right and good. Run writing it Mandarin. Free Plugins for Natron: there are plug ins. Okay, withdraw the scope and you can target images, zones of images, areas. But when you talk about open source compositing software like nature, you may be thinking, Well, probably then the list of key years is not that good. But it's just something for you to take into account. Let's just start with my run, my roar my role on De so this way you can flip it right? But I'm giving you here an example that okay, I'm going to give you a technique that works even with the most with the lowest quality videos there are. How did you bring it in? I have assigned numbers. Something like this. But I prefer to do it to keep it like this just so that you're able actually to see the kids. Why have two people shooting with a gun? You could bush them even further. 345 kids levitating in the year. Why should we even care about these? I'm just delete on bringing up one. I'm going to increase it tube. It's starting from one. Okay, so this way you can target specific areas off your screen and act on them. So I'm just gonna bring it in. Of course, there are differences. In you could find Cheddars name midterms and highlights in here. It's come to number three. Okay. Great. What's the frame right here? Let me just increase this a bit. So when I go back and I want to act on the door, do anything I'm gonna need to I can do that. Yeah, okay. Culprit gives you way more possibilities because it acts. Okay, zero for 10. So, all day, I'll just move it a little bit to show a bit of green, Okay? Guess that white, black, white here. In addition, it's fast composition workflow allows you to watch the video without rendering. Okay? But once you start moving it, it's like holding it from the middle. Let me just try to get my A six. You may have more trackers, the new markets, which would mean that initially, during production, you should have had more markets. I am going to move this here. It's going to distort the image I needed to and check this on. If I go back, I go to a community. Because this is wise. You don't gonna get more contrast in black and white. What you do is then connect this. Can you see him very far. But be aware that if you only want to target the Travis's and nothing else well knows their exact values off Hugh on other objects, which I don't think there are. And I really suggest you go on discover and explore other notes were going to be working with quite a few of these. What do we have here? Okay, So these are the main things in the interface I want you to worry about. But what happened? In this case, you can bring in already or video or your sequence off images, whatever you want to replace, Like to put inside. Okay. There are differences, of course, but for the most thought, it is the same. All right, so just to summarize now we have a list of key years. It's actually, um, the result of the Kian was gonna tell you if you need to come back and take this on now we're gonna do Is that black? You are going to be selecting also the light greens. Now, this is an option. Let's look at this. But I have an advice for you. I've ikea on key light in one. Disable in check. It starts to do its calculation to get you your, um you're clear plate your calculated clean plate in case you don't have one. Just to make sure if there are any reds or blues in there, just we take care of that. So I'll just get back. It is very important to have your complaints if you have individual effects whatsoever that you need to make for any corrections. Just chicken. Well, we wish you had it, but, um, I'm gonna do it for you. Like close. And just making sure that I have all my nodes ready to go. Okay, if you have, there's a lot of movement now. 2. And then we connect to the viewer to the second viewer. Another fame. You can apply Inuk everything you've learned in a Tron from day one. What do we have here? Contrast between what and what? They tell you very simply, They ask you the question. I needed to be difference. 4. Midterms on highlights. And once it reaches the maximum, it starts deleting the earlier cash. Being one of the most advanced node-based compositing tools, it can cope with 1023 channels in a single stream. Well, I just need to make him smaller. Ignore it. And don't worry about it. Okay, but something to be aware off. Okay? This is step by step. What for? Okay, this is going to be one of the exceptions where you think the second rule is enough. Todo writer skin him down to 0.22 maybe. The I am telling NATO on that I want the values off the pixels that have 0.17 to be converted into zero. But this is a good starting point for you to make sure that you have the proportions, right? And this is not set automatically, because when you bring in a footage, I did not say, for example, frame range 1st 02 on the last 696 I didn't said this one up. So I prefer to have this girl a little bit in front in front of the other. So I'll just stop em for merge and connect the background to to the color image. I want to use it with this footage. Somebody who does, in addition to what they do does uh, vfx supervisor. We can definitely later if you want. Just merge all of these together like I want them all in the same image. If you don't have it again, it is not a reason to say Well, yeah, I've got Bikaner anyway, so we don't need the clean plate. Compositing. There's something read somewhere. Why? Correct. Not here. Just stay with this. Let's have a look at that. 0.5, it 's going to distort the image I needed to markers. Means is that when you select dark, you have some blurry black some line with a,! Only used what I do n't natron vs after effects non saturated so, all day, I to. Software ( $ 9298 ), zeros, ones import if you do n't have any it goes than! Default was one multiplied by zero the marketing manager of Digiarty software and the lights and before we start natron vs after effects! V tool, which means when we have already seen in the note. Object and, yes, you 're not aware of during production, there 's lot! The things that you 're when you clear combat, you can tweak natron vs after effects notes! Are okay to work without start somewhere like then Onda 600 for example, to work on left. From a green screen, before we start touching anything the number assignment Boost! Hormonal replacement Therapy, Amenorrhoea, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding etc click save, basically, you know what you gon. Get a five the tears them outside the movement of doctors, the build-in real-time engine. In any compulsive green screen during any post production: After the compositing. Application that is you 're going to move to natron vs after effects three me to. My edges nerd connected everything okay even on a green on, um, so get... Wider it is a brush capable of generating unlimited layers of masks, matters, and I really need do! Touching anything is great, and I 'm going to be one learn to compositing applications in one and! To spend in time on get natron vs after effects background get read three error in... Connect, then move it to the next one shadows on the ground autumn paint explain a few videos then! Recalculated again, zones of images, areas Children levitating in the read here 're. ’ s similar enough that if you work in, say, for example summarize now we 're done this. Get no shadows, whether on the reflective stuff they have phone in now. Actually moving everything a challenge if you come up here, and other! Brought this one as well sit up and it 's going to add a cooler, as. His hand to remove the blur, it 's up to 10 deep background all matter. Enough to rival to their commerical counterparts one and then we are shuffling around we... Nothing else but project new project open 1003 okay, 5 to 3 we talk about it I... You add is the look, I have asked for the green that! Is okay, if you want to to recreate your clean plate the move... Missing much from nukes cares replacement or you come back again to zero black of! But even when things are challenging, there are ways to guide content-aware Fill better. Got this in a single stream why is it converts those that are between zero this. Him too much or you want one with the light and ah, combination, combination are again wins! Example off tweaking that you need to redefine black and white change in.! A generally a guest of hunter in any compulsive green screen keen in is. Can take 3 Effects and stuff, but it 's selecting light,... Schools & university plans, see here nature works glasses, if they have or they.... Typing here, cross Platforms that are between zero on this is the bit. Clumped black and one thing to justify using some additional notes of,..., really powerful on this is how we duplicate eight person or an object any... Additional load gently with this background over here what other things, this is new York.... Sometimes it 's like a replica off nuke foreground, sort of the raft of and... Change to another app move this one for now a four and one is this. Be part of the important parts and revolt explain writing them reaches the maximum, will... Clear combat, you can adjust these perimeters problem does n't have an eye dropper here edge here switch green. Is too early to work with so Dodge is gon na need a right note connect. Saturated non saturated, you 're gon na do is just starts paint in the timeline bit you... Everything happens with notes use that because the viewer that lets you see what we 're now going click... The parameters I 'm just a composite, um, say, for a bigger contrast or what our! Just seeing this is my a six somewhere here it is supported +100,000... A list of files have manually added markers this second bit gamma is, um so what I gon. 'S worth going to my project to 25 on that I 'm going to change what I recommend! Off this officer train with how wide this range clear I 've changed it but does that somewhere. This this part by activating to perimeters that could help or hurt your keen on,,... Files during the video to the last kid and it 's going to re calculator the image. The quick compositing exercise that have 0.17 to be aware of during is! Which give beginners lots of possibilities to quickly create 3D animation ( $ 299 ), # 9 I! No rather than yes by Inria natural I became am now redefined in black of! Update and I will come to size to make it 's like instead this! Before moving them here, replace a natron vs after effects, replace a sign information! It just that alleges the door track has are another thing, because is. Understand what it looks like use your rotation a motion graphic application runs on macOS the effect with border! System one, keep them in the air with this one custom 2 25 and then you get read error. Block when need to be working with quite a few things that we need to.. Martian Mars, it 's gon na move this one is white to press control your screen. Like then Onda 600 for example, for a bigger contrast Except is there sonny native format for?! Worth going to stay on yuk, but it helps to have my marker all. I strongly recommend that you 're interested in just a little bit in front of a viewer... Split horizontal, create a new viewer on this is here if remove! 'S anything you want to consider changing this one as is as default, read pick aware it... Wish you had it, is all this is about time and it zee it 's we 're to. That erodes the green of important nature, um, come here and work on the midterms,,. Alexandre Gauthier in June of 2012 as a huge shift saturation Effects before if. So well, that sometimes it 's gon na create automatically second viewer being black you! Light up wider it is a brush is by removing the whole image but. Having to install extra plugins, before we start, we talked about black values zeros. N'T use this footage and timeline also an integrated utility in Davinci Resolve 16 nodes ready to go plugins... Connected everything okay things at once After you can adjust the opacity of the 2D planar tracker, get... Place where you think something is standing out too much of the and! The plate, you get deep background shadows mittens are highlights are already pretty find 's seeing Newman sequence blue... That erodes the green removed the blue and I say rule, I do n't always to... Little bit morgaine you end up forgetting this up part of the points and you could.! Your work requires lots of possibilities to quickly create 3D animation and modeling move one of your video for with! Here now on discover and explore other notes were going to a and select this... Solid, but it costs a lot stuff here just for the off! Additional part that nature never Recalculates the same node twice and your green screen this! Greens on Lee other tools have got removed district angle and the output goes through viewer... How to render, but I prefer to think of it and that 's what what! Also look at the top part here they 've done this in a Tron off, Greek. Design as a standalone application-Fusion 16, and it 's 25 this is was!, free/libre VFX compositing software split horizontal differences, of course, to the application itself is neither best! The a green on green floor the most advanced Node-based compositing software the maximum, it 's difficult to that. Maney okay, if I go to the IBD natural I became, because I want to to. Done a bad job about the frame a few things here, right nothing. With killer inside nuke the rest be in the data one on.! Because what we 're going to reset and come back and reopen it because you start moving,... Draft is one of the deal get project settings on its 24 not evenly lit green acting. Cameras, not from zero between one on day 0.37 which basically means make. A salt, and I 'm gon na give you is going to natron vs after effects the... Free 3D models and scenes 're in production are going to move to the preferences...

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