Unknown, but illegally introduced in Florida most likely as a food source for human consumption. | A STUDY ON FISH DIVERSITY, CONSERVATION STATUS AND ANTHROPOGENIC STRESS OF CHANDUBI TECTONIC LAKE, AS... DIVERSITY OF FISH FAUNA IN A WATER BODY RECEIVING EFFLUENT FROM NAGAON PAPER MILL IN ASSAM, Status of ornamental fish diversity of Sonkosh River, Bodoland Territorial Council, Assam, India, A STUDY ON ICHTHYO - DIVERSITY OF JIA BHARALI RIVER, ASSAM, INDIA, ICHTHYOFAUNAL DIVERSITY OF LOWER REACHES OF THE BRAHMAPUTRA RIVER, ASSAM, Ornamental fish Diversity across Brahmaputra Valley of Assam, FISH DIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION ASPECTS IN AN AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM IN NORTHEASTERN INDIA. Rivers, swampy wetlands, culturable tanks, Freshwater, benthopelagic. Neilson, 2021, Morphological differences used for identification between the two are depicted here, http://www.fao.org/docrep/010/v8731e/v8731e00.htm, Snakeheads (Pisces, Channidae) - A Biological Synopsis and Risk Assessment. We highly recommend reviewing metadata files prior to interpreting these data. This snakehead is found in many residential lakes and canals in Broward and Palm Beach counties. ; Spawning period and timing seems to vary geographically, but generally occurs between May to August (summarized by Courtenay and Williams 2004). Crowcrocaecum Infestation. Journal of … Camallanus Disease. Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.) Aquarists can obtain information about regulations concerning possession of live snakeheads and It includes stages through which an organism passes, ie, metamorphosis, instars, gametophyte/embryophyte, and, transitions from sessile to mobile forms. 1996 Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong. Downloaded on 11 April 2018, (Hint :- add multiple references separated by a line break (hit Enter)). Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.) References to specimens that were not obtained through sighting reports and personal communications are found through the hyperlink in the Table 1 caption or through the individual specimens linked in the collections tables. Version 2011.2. (2013). The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2010: e. T172328A6868796. Parasitic infestations (protozoa, worms, etc.) Defines and describes life history of a living organism, meaning the course of obligatory developmental transformations in an organism from fertilised zygote to maturity. Channa marulius - Global Invasive Species Database. A tota... A study was carried out from March 2016 to February 2017 to investigate the diversity of fishes and... Froese, R. and D. Pauly. World Wide Web electronic publication. Recorded from Pakistan through India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Thailand to southern China, Laos and Vietnam although likely to be far less widespread pending future research (see ‘Notes’). Bimodal oxygen uptake in juveniles and aduls amphibious fish, Channa (=Ophiocephalus) marulius. Specifically, importation and interstate transport of live snakeheads is prohibited. 2: Balkema Publishers, Rotterdam. Habitat benthopelagic; potamodromous ; freshwater. marulius, or C. aff. Dr. Chandra Barooah & Lani Sarma (2016) Assam Science Technology and Environment Council. Eggs hatch in 36 to 48 hours and fry remain in the nest for about 10 days after hatching. Ojha, J., N. Mishra, M.P. Paper (T369/1), 77 p. $. 1979). ; Exported on 12 January 2012, 183 cm TL (male/unsexed; ); max. Benson, and M.E. 1996. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationsfor a world without hunger. Channa marulius Picture by Jean-Francois Helias … doi. and A.G. Jhingran 1991 Inland fishes of India and adjacent countries. Fish fauna of Nandur-Madhmeshwar wetland, Maharashtra, India, Fish diversity and the conservation status of a wetland of Cooch Behar District, West Bengal, India, https://indiabiodiversity.org/biodiv/species/show/231959. 362 p. Habitat and Distribution > General Habitat, Habitat and Distribution > Distribution > Description, Demography and Conservation > Conservation Status, Menon, A. G. K. , 1999. 2018. Editors. The Mae Khlong Basin as the potential origin of Florida’s feral bullseye snakehead fish (Pisces: Channidae). A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. Its main goal is summarize the most relevant or attractive characteristics of this taxon to the general public. Talwar, P.K. Channa marulius in southern India breeds during January-March and October-December (Chacko, 1956), and breeding of C. striata was observed in November-January and in March (Ali- kunhi, 1953).

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