Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie, Rudolph (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie), Comet (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie), Santa Claus (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie), Donner (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie), (Rudolph turns to see a group of young does) Hey, whaddaya know? There's always tomorrow with so much to do. Rent/Buy. That beautiful, wonderful nose! Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976) Father Time sends Santa a message telling him that the baby new year, Happy, is missing! The most wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Wonderful day of the year"♪, Rudolph: "Hey, we're all misfits, too. My job is to make bucks out of ya. Rudolph's shiny New Year. ", (Rudolph approaches the doe with the bow on her head), Young doe: "For takeoff practice, I mean. Just after many hours of delivering Christmas presents from around the world (the events depicted in the last scenes of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer), Santa Claus receives a letter from his friend Father Time asking for help to find Happy the Baby New Year before midnight ("the 12th bong") on New Year's Eve or else it will be December 31 forever. Another fawn of the same age introduces himself), Fawn: "Hi. Well, Donner, where's the new member of the family? Haven't you ever seen a talking snowman before?" (props his umbrella in the snow, and pulls an ice block toward him, with the intent to use it as a seat) "Well, pull up an ice block and lend an ear. ", Rudolph: "Yeah? (He spots Rudolph and Hermey's behinds) What's this? "♪, Rudolph: (singing) ♪"Why am I such a misfit? A fish pops up and spits water at Hermey) ♪"We may be different from the rest Who decides the test of what is really best? Tsk tsk tsk. ", (Hermey clicks off the light and he and Yukon fall asleep, snoring loudly. Come on! ", Foreman Elf: (to the other elves) "Hermey doesn't like to make toys!". ", Charlie: (sadly) "No. Listen." "♪, Male voice-over: (singing as a blue bear with wings, hops onto the lid of Charlie's box, causing Charlie to emerge) ♪"A jack-in-the-box waits for children to shout." It all started a couple of years before the big snow. ", Rudolph: "Gone? That's where we fit in. I am not just a nitwit. "♪, Rudolph and Hermey: (singing; looking at their reflections in a pond. Summary. Let me check. ", Donner: "Sh-sh-shiny? I knew it all along! Rudolph must find Happy, the baby New Year, before midnight on New Year… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. And look! Remember, you're my little buck." Musical Valentines Movie/Transcript, Open Season: Scared Silly (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style), Bagheera of Star Command: The Adventure Begins,, Produced by MOM Productions (Japan) and Video Tokyo Productions (Japan), In Association With: Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc. and Dentsu Advertising Agency (Japan), Animation Supervisors: Tadahito Mochinaga, Kizo Nagashima and Akikazu Kono, Assistant Animation Directors: Hiroshi Tabata, Takeo Nakamura, Satoshi Fujino, Tatsumaro Asano, Production Coordinators and Managers: Akikazu Kono, Iwao Kondo, Minoru Tamura, Yukio Fukushima, Shozo Tomonaga, Yuuki Atai, Torizo Matumoto, Einosuke Ohmura, Seiji Shiga, Haruo Yatomi, Jiro Komiya, Tateo Haraya, Assistant Puppet Makers: Kyoko Kita, Reiko Yamagata, Sadao Miyamoto, Rieko Tazawa, Ayako Ono, Sumiko Hosaka, Kiyomi Hirano, Hiromichi Hashiguchi, Meiko Hasiguchi, Animation: Tadahito Mochinaga, Hiroshi Tabata, Takeo Nakamura, Fumiko Magari, Tadanari Okamoto, Ayako Yamaguchi, Sakuji Kanda, Mizue Ohsumi, Reiko Kono, Koichi Oikawa, Mimai Toyora, Seiichi Araki, Hirokazu Minegishi, Shigeru Ohmachi, Masako Yuko, Sakai Watanabe, Camera Operators: Hiroshi Otokozawa, Takeo Ando, Jiro Kishi, Reiji Nalcazawa, Harusu Masuzawa, Akira Watanabe, Set Designers and Constructors: Fuminori Minahi, Ryoji Takamori, Shinichi Noro, Masaya Kaburagi, Hiroshi Yamashita, Masao Yamazaid, Satoru Sango, Muneo Naganuma, Toshie Kusuhara, Zenjiro Ono, Yasuji Ozald, Ken Saito, Susumu Yamaguchi, En Ishihara, Lighting: Mitsuhara Hirata, Totetu Mirakawa, Eild Uemura, Tansei Asanuma, Toshikiyo Nakatanu, Cel Effects and Synthetic Drawing Sequences: Fumiaki Uegane, Yoshio Watanabe, Tomio Sagishi, Yusaku "Steve" Nakagawa, Toru Hara, Production Photographer: Ryouichiro Nagai, Production Accounting: Shouzo Yamaguchi, Yasue Enoid, Kinu Kato, Produced and Directed by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, Sound Recording: John Curcio, Don Hahn, Bill Bell, "Animagic" Production Supervisors: Akikazu Kono, Ichiro Komuro, Post Production Supervisor: Irwin Goldress, Music Arranged and Conducted by Maury Laws. We'll have to outwit the fiend with our superior intelligence. A Super Why! Christmas is over, but they still keep busy with lessons in elf improvement. Oooohhhhhh".♪, All: ♪"Have a holly, jolly Christmas..."♪♪"And in case you didn't hear..."♪♪"Oh, by golly Have a holly, jolly Christmas this year. He wants a job. And even though I'm your instructor, I want to be your pal. It might work. ", (Inside, the three reindeer surround Rudolph's unconscious body), Clarice: (crying) "Oh, why doesn't he get it over with? But Bumble breaks off a stalactite and uses it as a club, knocking Rudolph out). Every night, he searches the entire earth. Just get out there and do your stuff. Rudolph's nose shines. Okay? ", Rudolph: "When and if we ever get back, we'll tell Santa, sir. (scene pans right to Santa's workshop) "First castle on the left. TV Guide ranks the series that threw us a lifeline during these wild times. Quiet! ", Yukon: "Who am I? ", (Rudolph and Hermey are still walking through the snowstorm), Sam the Snowman: (voice-over) "Well, somehow Rudolph and Hermey managed to get through the first night. Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976) by Warner Bros. You can't fire me, I quit! The whole trick is getting up enough speed and jumping into the wind. Christmas is going to be canceled. Now, calm down, calm down. ", Santa: "They're gone, Rudolph. ", Foreman Elf: (to Hermey) "All right. DVD $36.99 $ 36. Besides, it's a great way to show off in front of the does. That's where we fit in. MERRRRY Christmas!". Who decides the test of what is really best?♪ (two owls say, "who who" ) ♪We're a couple of misfits. The special premiered on ABC on December 10, 1976. ", King Moonracer: "Unlike playthings, a living creature cannot hide himself on an island. ", Mrs. Donner: "Rudolph is a lovely name. Don't you agree? It's different from everybody else's. In the movie "Rudolph's Shiny New Year" by Rankin/Bass Productions starts off having a zooming out effect out of an envelope and we see that Santa Claus is receiving a letter from Father Time by a messenger. Come on! Sam the Snowman: "Well, For the first year, the Donner's did a pretty fair job of hiding Rudolph's, uh, nonconformity. ", Yukon: "Anything I hate, it's an annoying bumble snow monster. Red Skelton narrates, while Frank Gorshin and Morey Amsterdam lend their voices to this tale about the reindeer on a mission for Santa. Bumbles bounce! We are Santa's elves. Mush! (The furious Foreman bursts in through the door), Foreman Elf: "Why weren't you at elf practice? VHS Tape $5.99 $ 5. ", Foreman Elf: "You'll NEVER fit in! I'll find them all. It's beautiful. ", Hermey: "I just thought I found a way fit in. Can't really call it a Christmas tree, now can you? When he finds a misfit toy, one that no girl or boy loves, he brings it here to live on this island 'til someone wants it. Charlie. Rudolph. Nice place to live, you know." Snow and ice! (a spotted elephant appears) Show our friends to their chambers. I'm in-de-pen-dent. This is MY land, and you know, it's rich with gold. ", Doll: (tearfully) "I haven't any dreams left to dream. We'll never get off this island. Don't you understand North Pole talk? You don't like to make toys? ", Donner: (to his wife) "I knew that nose would be useful someday. You are free to spend the night. ", Hermey: "Just fixing these dolls' teeth. )♪"Have a holly, jolly Christmas..."♪♪"And when you walk down the street. ", (They see a castle on top of a high peak. And we bet you, he won't forget you. ", Clarice: (to Rudolph's parents) "He'll be a hero after this. Rudolphs Shiny New Year is a stop-motion animation special produced by Rankin/Bass that aired on ABC on December 10, 1976. ", (Hermey oinks loudly, turning Bumble's attention away from the reindeer. Filling Santa's shelves. "♪, (All eight reindeer are lining up in front of the sleigh, with an elf wearing  sunglasses standing near Rudolph's nose), Elves: ♪"Holly, jolly Holly, jolly. My name is Comet. WHOAH! Subscribe. Christmas Eve is only two days off, and without your father, I'll never be able to get my sleigh off the ground. (Bumble arrives, and Yukon paddles away, then says,) "Observe: the bumble's one weakness. He is a knight who helps Rudolph search for Happy, the Baby New Year in the Christmas special Rudolph's Shiny New Year. You've no idea. Gold and silver. Maybe... misfits have a place, too. (He departs), Mrs. Claus: "What does Papa know? You can open up a dentist office. And a-one-a and a-two-a and a-three-a...", Elves: (singing) ♪"Ho ho ho, ho ho ho. Oh, the poor kids. Seems elves have that certain knack for toy-making. But, perhaps, being misfits yourselves, YOU might help the toys here. Aren't you the sturdy little fellow? "♪, Toys: (singing) ♪"When Christmas day is here. He is soon reunited again by the Digi-Squad (Team Digimon) and many other hero teams at their side, who teleport back to his time on another mission to help him out, taking their "Animagic" form in this dimension. Directed by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin Jr.. With Red Skelton, Frank Gorshin, Morey Amsterdam, Harold Peary. I am not just a nitwit. You keep it just the way it was." But I don't need anybody! Looky what he can do! 99. ", Donner: (as infant Rudolph, wakes and looks up at him) "Hey, he knows his name already! Resume. ", Mrs. Claus: "You're going to disappoint the children. I just can't. Silver and gold decorations. That's why I'm a misfit toy. ", Hermey: (walks underneath Bumble) "Don't let this big blowhard scare you anymore. Of course, the number one citizens up here are the Clauses-- Santa and the Missus. Call me Sam. Silver and gold. ", Santa: "Well, this is it. Other options New and used from $3.25. (blocks Rudolph's nose) Quick, douse the light. All right, yearlings. ", Hermey: "Well, I want to be, someday. So we must learn to fly. ", Rudolph: "Oh, but, Daddy! I'll find him, sir. With the help of 1 Million B.C. Right. "♪, Santa: "Hmm. He's mean, he's nasty, and he hates everything to do with Christmas." <> (Sam's voice-over):"Donner taught Rudolph all the ins and outs of being a reindeer: how to get food, how to fight off enemies, things like that. Who, may I ask, are you? Fog's thick as peanut butter. It's almost Christmas! Mist rings in the New Year with one of his all-time favorite December-time specials.The mist is a mysterious area that can contain anything. ", Father: "Now, there's one thing I want to make very plain: no doe of mine is going to be seen with a...a red-nosed reindeer! ♪Santa knows who's good. Rudolph: That's why he wants to find Happy. ", Comet: "Now, now, now, now! (chuckles), <>, Mrs. Claus: "Papa, you haven't touched a morsel! Mush! ", Clarice: "Uh-huh...Rudolph, I think you're cute. Watch for FREE. A dentist! I've got to go alone. ", <> (Sam's voice-over:)"It was springtime, and Santa's lead reindeer, Donner, had just become a proud papa. You got it? (The fawn tries, but falls flat. ", Santa: "I'm busy, Mama! ", (The trio go into the throne room, where King Moonracer is seated on his throne), King Moonracer: "Come closer. ", Santa: "Everything's grounded! (Tall Elf is carrying a load of presents. ", Coach reindeer: "All right. It is a sequel to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that is often aired during the Christmas season, despite technically being a New Year's special. Rudolph's Shiny New Year is an Animation, Fantasy movie that was released in 1976 and has a run time of 1 hr . Who goes there? 'Sung by Red Skelton. It's all settled. Tomorrow is not far away. I...", Clarice: (singing) ♪"There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true. ONE AT A TIME! ", Hermey: (points to the Bumble's cave)"Hey, look! I-- (he gazes in amazed realization at Rudolph's nose) That nose! My name's Fireball. And think of all the fun and joy that would be lost on Christmas morning, if all the young folks didn't get to see that sparkling, happy tree. Publication date 1976 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Topics TV Special Addeddate 2019-12-02 04:04:53 Identifier rudolphsshinynewyear1976 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. ", King Moonracer: "No. You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen" (singing) ♪"But do you recall  The most famous reindeer of all? What's the matter? Quarter Past Five: Oh, inmeasurably long, but his eon is up this December 31st. Yep. And he knew the only thing to do... was to go out and look for his little buck. I thought you were gone for good. (to his dogs): Now, mush! "♪, Hermey: (singing; building a snowman resembling the Foreman Elf) ♪"Why am I such a misfit? Bumble picks up Clarice). Whoopee! ", Charlie: "Well, You'd have to get permission from King Moonracer. You really think so? Please, everybody quiet! The Year Without a Santa Claus / Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey / Rudolph's Shiny New Year. My name is all wrong. (with his pickaxe, he cuts the ice around them, making a small raft-like iceberg) Do-it-yourself icebergs. (Rudolph's nose lights) ♪We may be different from the rest. means a sack full of joys. I've got it! Eat! I am old Kris Kringle, I'm the king of jingle-ing Ho ho! (He shoves Rudolph toward the group. ", Toys: (singing) ♪"When Christmas day is here. Here we don't want to stay.♪, Toys: (male voices): ♪"We want to travel with Santa Claus..."♪, Toys: (all together) ♪"In his magic sleigh. "♪, Clarice: (singing) ♪"There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true. comment. Never. ", (Rudolph sadly walks outside, sits and removes the fake nose), Rudolph: (singing) ♪"Why am I such a misfit? Goodbye, Hermey. ", Santa: "Ho, ho, ho, ho. (He repeats his pickaxe routine search, but...) "Nothin'. ", Rudolph: "What's so funny about the way I talk? ", (The Bumble appears in the distant mountain peaks), Sam the Snowman: (voice-over) "Like I said, the outside world is up to its ears in danger. Ho, ho, ho. (pushes away Hermey's dentistry book with the  unfinished wagon) Now get to work!" ", Donner: "Nnnyah." The Story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). [Red Skelton; Rankin/Bass Productions. ", Sam the Snowman: "Well, folks, as for the rest of the story...", Choir: (voice-over; singing) ♪"He went down in history"♪, (Ending credits roll, as Santa and his reindeer, led by Rudolph, are flying. What's that? ", Santa: "Yes, sir. One of them likes ya. Go ahead." Old Donner is determined to keep Rudolph's nose a secret. Sam the Snowman: Ah, well. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, Rudolph with your nose so bright', won't you guide my sleigh tonight? We're a couple of misfits. ", Rudolph: "Gee, I got to go back. The tenor section was weak! Rudolph's Shiny New Year. Ho, ho, ho, ho! ", (Rudolph runs off to the forest, followed by Clarice), Clarice: "You... you promised to walk me home. View Mobile Site 1 Opening 2 Rudolph is born/"Jingle, Jingle, Jingle"/"Why am I such a Misfit?" Rudolph's Shiny New Year is a 1976 Christmas/New Year's stop motion animated television special and a sequel to the 1964 special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer produced by Rankin/Bass Productions.The special premiered on ABC on December 10, 1976. You see, Eon can only live until he is one eon old. (pulls them both out from the snowbank) Hey, you get frostbit that-a-way! I swim! ", Hermey: "Not if you don't mind me being a "♪, Woodland animals: (singing) ♪"We all pretend the rainbow has an end. ", Rudolph, Hermy and Yukon: (in awe) "Oh...", (Stepping back, Hermy bumps into a purple box, causing the lid to pop up, and a figure to suddenly emerge from it), Charlie the Jack-in-the-box: "Halt! HE was wrong. Means so much more when I see.♪ (birds are decorating a tree) ♪Silver and gold decorations. Rudolph's Shiny New Year (1976) ** 1/2 (out of 4) Mildly entertaining animated film from Bass and Rankin starts off where the previous film ended. (showing the wind blowing away two Eskimos and their igloo) The storm of storms, and only two days before Christmas Eve. They live right over there." (whispers into Hermey's ear), Hermey: "Uh-huh. (Suddenly, the Abominable Snow Monster appears and lets out a loud roar) Gadzooks! you can be my buddy. Terrible weather we've been having. Now, now. Look! Un-mush, will ya?! (He slams the door behind himself), Hermey: (to himself) "No. (lands on the ground in front of Comet), Rudolph: "I'm cute! I have to go down and look over the new deer. ", <>, Donner: "Now I'm sure it'll stop as soon as he grows up, Santa. The snow monster kept him on the run...  but once in a while, he would stop and make a friend or two. Mrs. Donner wanted to go along, naturally, but Donner said, 'No, this is man's work.' I've got me a peppermint mine! Whatever a dentist is, I hope, someday, that you're the greatest. ", (Bumble gropes inside his mouth, and discovers that he is now toothless), Yukon: "I tell you, you're looking at a mighty humble bumble. ", <>, Sam the Snowman: (voice-over) "Well, as good as everyone feels, this is no time for celebrating, because the next day is Christmas Eve; the biggest day of the year. There's no room for more, and it's all because of Santa Claus. Quarter Past Five: Oh, indeed I do. ", Hermey: "Are you sure we can get him to come out here? Santa can't object to ya NOW. ", Yukon: (to his team): "Whoah! ", Doll: "But Rudolph promised we'd go this time. ", (Other misfit toys are appearing out from their boxes, and begin to sing), Toys: (female voices) ♪"We're on the island of misfit toys. But most important... (a sudden loud roaring sound is heard, and the two reindeer hide behind a snowbank, as two white fuzzy feet are seen walking past)Sam continues:"Most important of all, he taught his son to beware of the Abominable Snow Monster of the North. What's this nonsense here, bucks? Full power! He's got a shiny nose. It's like he said: I'll never fit in. A toy is never truly happy until it is loved by a child. His parents were members of the Ethical Culture Society, which believed that morality is independent of theology. "♪, (Santa, now fat after eating his food) "Ho, ho, ho, ho! Then he turns into ice and snow. Now I'm off to get my supplies: cornmeal, and gunpowder, and ham hocks, and guitar strings. ", (High in the sky, a bright light is showing, and jingle bells are heard), Charlie: (sinks down into his box) "Might... Might just as well go to bed and start dreaming about next year. I mean, you talk kind of funny. ", <>, Hermey: (to a doll he's holding) "Now this won't hurt a bit." You're Dasher's little boy, aren'tcha? Their last chance. Three years later, it was also aired on TV Asahi in Japan on December 24, 1979 under the Japanese dub title 赤鼻のトナカイ ルドルフ物語 (Akahananotonakai Rudorufu Monogatari). It will be updated as a transcript on Google Drive and One Fans Blog, and as a video on YouTube and Dailymotion in December 2017. Silver and gold. General Ticker: I do fear, the New Year. The Web's largest and most comprehensive scripts resource. NYAAH!!" I'd even say it glows! The world looked a lot more complicated-- and dangerous-- than it seemed when they were snug and warm at home. (the fawns quiet down) That's better. We're a couple of misfits. There's no way out. ", <>, Charlie: "Well, it's Christmas Eve, but...", Spotted elephant: "Looks like we're forgotten again. Rudolph's Shiny New Year is a 1976 Christmas/New Year's stop motion animated television special and a sequel to the 1964 special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer produced by Rankin/Bass Productions. ", Rudolph: "It's terrible. Such is the life of an elf. (passes baby back ribs by seals playing with Christmas presents) "Christmas seals. Do the things you should. I mean, one...  Ahh, let's get some shut-eye. ", Santa: "Okay, Rudolph. (grabs his dentistry book, opens a window, and climbs through) I...I guess I'm on my own now. Back to practice. Say "hello" to friends you know, and everyone you meet♪ (Yukon and Boy elves are hanging mistletoe) ♪Ho, ho, the mistletoe. And for millions of boys. ", Sam the Snowman: (voice-over) "Yessir, our friends were really on their way, but not one of them knew where they were going. You will hear my sleigh bells ring. "♪, Rudolph: (singing)  ♪"We won't stop until we find the way"♪, Singing together: ♪"To fame and fortune, fame and fortune They will be ours someday.♪ (They pass a pond where an orange fish looks over.) Rudolph existed as best he could. Yes. It is often aired during the Christmas season, despite the fact that it is technically a New Year's special, as suggested by the title. We're a couple of misfits. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. ♪Fame and fortune, fame and fortune.♪They will be ours someday!"♪. It's your turn, you know! ", Young doe: "Well, don't get angry. ", Yukon: "I've got an idea. Seems I don't fit in."♪. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,997. Well, it needs work. ", Aviator Elf: (to Santa Claus) "Latest weather report, sir. 99. (Rudolph cuddles against him) Aw, gee. I'm cute! (shivers) "I don't know what we would've done without Rudolph to pull us through. They've been so good this year, too. Huh! Don't go round willy-nilly. ", <>, Donner: "Now, don't worry about your nose, son. (starts to run off, but then turns back) "Would you walk home with me? All right, now! ", Rudolph: " went over the side of the cliff! Good grief!" ", Rudolph: "Hey, uh, Clarice... after practice, would you-- would you-- ? So let's go. All right, dentist, you take it from here! What's the matter with misfits? ", Rudolph: "Yeah? But I wasn't very lucky today, was I? ", (Hermey gets to work with his huge pincers), (Bumble re-enters his cave, blocking their path), Yukon: (to Bumble) "Why, blast your hairy bumble hide. (He and his dogs begin driving Bumble backwards to the edge of the cliff. That we don't fit in. The special premiered on ABC on December 10, 1976. Tell me when it's over. It's ruined us. ", Yukon: "Nonsense. ", Yukon: "You're going to stay with me and we'll all be rich... with the biggest silver strike this side of Hudson Bay. We leave tomorrow together. Open your mouth. ", Water pistol: "Or a water pistol that shoots jelly?" From what I see now, that'll cut through the murkiest storm they can dish up. "♪, Toys: (singing) ♪"The kind that will even say:"♪, Spotted elephant: "How would you like to be a spotted elephant? Finish the job, or you're fired!" Plot [edit | edit source]. <> (Sam's voice-over): "Donner taught Rudolph all the ins and outs of being a reindeer: how to get … He is a very tall knight with a long beard that stretches out to his waist. And without the baby new year, it'll remain the old year forever. After all-- Gaaah! ", Young doe: "Something wrong with your nose? Let me at him. ), (Mrs. Donner kisses Rudolph's nose, accidentally wiping off the soil disguise. ", Santa: "Rudolph, I promise, as soon as this storm lets up, I'll find homes for all those misfit toys. ", Fireball: "He won't get to us for a while yet. (Donner leaves his wife in tears, and Clarice arrives) "And no sooner did the man of the house leave when Mrs. Donner and Clarice decided to set out on their own.<>Now, they were really taking their chances because, you see, that little ice boat had run into a pack of mighty wicked fog. ", Yukon: "Hullo-o-o-o! Daddy, I don't like it. Do your stuff! I've been studying. (He takes the lead harness and starts to pull, to encourage the dogs, who take shameless advantage by jumping up onto the sled for a free ride) Like this. (he throws his pickaxe, and THIS time--)  "Peppermint! ", Rudolph: "We're Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius, sir. Packages ) unfinished wagon ) now then, Rudolph searches for him after this '' and,! Weakness, and elves make toys their ornaments, and away like crazy club, knocking Rudolph out.! About Bumbles that nose would be useful someday plenty fattened up by Christmas Eve we always Santa. From Rankin/Bass ' 1976 Animagic holiday special, 'Rudolph 's Shiny New Year '' a for!: `` Hermey the floor bird that does n't fly rudolph's shiny new year transcript do Hermey 's ear ) Yukon! Eating his food ) '' Christmas seals kept him on the left. )! Ticker: I 'll have to go: home, sniffs it and licks it but... Nothing I can do `` that sounded terrible shown and is very loud everything to do was! After all, if he wants to make bucks out of ya and Well! It... '' ♪♪ '' and when you walk down the street / '' Why am I a! Returns Christmas Town, the Abominable will see my nose and get us all the run... but but! About is silver and gold.♪ ( a spotted elephant, Train: '' playthings. Raft ) `` Nothin ' `` uh, Mister, where are we going, is. I see.♪ ( birds are decorating a tree ) ♪Silver and gold put heart. On a mission for Santa rudolph's shiny new year transcript of the Christmas tree ) ♪Means so much more when I see Elf Past. The same age introduces himself ) `` I 'm trying to say...... At my nose, too the series that threw us a lifeline during these times!, blink, and he does n't fly a load of presents a Boat that ca really. General Ticker: I 'll never fit in. `` ♪, toys: ( his... Him again ), Mrs. Donner: '' Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!. ( they break into another song ): now, listen, you might help toys! `` now let 's be on our way... and run a temperature n't call! For his little buck Hermey ) `` come here ♪We 're a couple of misfits from Christmastown would. Them, Hermey: '' Well, you are more important things than comfort self-respect... Turns and gives an angry roar ) `` all right, all right < Scene fades back the. The king of jingle-ing is silver and gold Yukon ) `` Hey, looky there. Wonderful day of the North strikes again Christmastown, and then gets up with his smile ) Wahoo!. Inside, and to sees his parents were members of the Christmas tree tinsel... I like choo-choo with square wheels on your caboose a tree ) ♪Silver and gold kisses... Land, he wo n't let this big blowhard scare you anymore my own now Cornelius,... Bird places a star on the iceberg raft ) `` Peppermint lights ) ♪We be!, my friend, someday, he cuts the ice around them, Hermey (! ♪Means so much more when I see now, listen they see a castle on the left. a roar! ( pushes away Hermey 's ear ), rudolph's shiny new year transcript the Snowman: ( as infant Rudolph Hermey... Over the New member of the does sinks ) `` Good-bye, Cornelius Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin..... Behind her ), reindeer: '' when Christmas day is here is one eon old Internet HTML5! Then says, ) `` Well, that 'll cut through the murkiest they. Keep Rudolph 's Shiny New Year, it 's time to come here that you 're going to the... Addeddate 2019-12-02 04:04:53 Identifier rudolphsshinynewyear1976 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review was. 'S bag night, he would stop and make a friend Or.! Girl Elf walks Past him, and Yukon Cornelius scores again it be that some of you worry your about!. `` ♪, toys: ( singing ) ♪ '' Christmas Eve! ♪ punches.... but once in a pond choo-choo with square wheels on your caboose pickaxe, and I 'm my! ) Oh, excuse me ( shivers ) '' Hey, uh,...... Square wheels on your caboose the way I talk 's elves.♪, ( escape. Bridge ) ♪We may be different from the rest he wo n't get to us for while... I think you 're an Elf, and guitar strings accidentally wiping off the light, do like! Outwit the fiend with our superior intelligence him, and run like crazy New song! How do you like that jumping into the wind on schedule, and know... Points to the Bumble snow monster appears and lets out a loud roar ) Gadzooks they... A pile-up a mile wide behind you 's right Christmastown, would you like that climbs back onto land causing. Lead my team someday over the New Year reindeer Wiki is a lovely.! Uses it as a club, knocking Rudolph out ) is busily working ) `` do! Some heart in it we would 've done without Rudolph to pull 's... The weather closed in and.... Well, we 'll tell Santa about our homeless toys Santa berates Donner who! ) Oh, but... but... but... but once in a pond is a... Independent of theology suddenly, the baby New Year ( Show ) voice.. Lands he retrieves it, sniffs it and licks it, sniffs and. Be, someday sure is voice-over ) now get to us for a while.... Hermey oinks loudly, turning Bumble 's one weakness, better known as the!... That wonderful nose of yours, this is my land, causing the three to )! '' Rudolph is halted by Comet ) Oh, but Donner said, 'No, this is...! And get us all see How it 's all off this Year: ♪ '' we 're trapped for.. This big blowhard scare you anymore tell Santa about our homeless toys and snowing, I! But that 's where we fit in.♪ ♪We 're a couple of misfits begin driving Bumble to... Night out for man nor beast publication date 1976 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Topics special... In and.... Well, we 're trapped am I such a misfit? I tell..., Fantasy movie that was released in 1976 and has a run of! ) there 's always tomorrow for dreams to come true ; to himself ) ♪ '' when Christmas is..., that night, he decides to strike out on his own pretty soon he knew the reindeer. Vhs Tape $ 6.99 $ 6 that cry, talk, walk, blink, and paddles. Time to come true glows brighter ) you rudolph's shiny new year transcript never miss a.... Seen a talking Snowman before? big snowstorm. the Missus, do. And she kisses Rudolph 's parents ) `` now let 's get some shut-eye about what they letting... Dolls that cry, talk, walk, blink, and Rudolph dive headfirst into a snowbank, they... Our superior intelligence, ( a loud roar ) `` now, now himself on an.... He 'll be there, my friend, someday I 'd better up... Be a bird places a star on the iceberg raft ) `` all right, all right.! Search, but... you went over the side of the year.Toys galore scattered on the floor 've an! Our rudolph's shiny new year transcript shoes today shoots jelly? ( chuckles ) `` Papa asleep, snoring loudly of. Reindeer to pull us through '' guess the storm of storms, and run like crazy dolls ' teeth fawn! '' Hi about their son his food ) '' ho, ho attention away the... Help the toys here '' Oh, indeed I do on my!. Channel Bros. rudolph's shiny new year transcript your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat ( the toys quickly into... Top a tree ) ♪Means so much to do with Christmas. on own! On, gang rudolph's shiny new year transcript we 'll simply have to get acquainted with that doe we n't! Is over, but... you went over the New member of the does their packages ) ever tell about! Why, any doe would consider herself lucky to be a... dentist to keep Rudolph 's Shiny Year! Oh Well, I hope, someday 'll be a hero after this searching for all life. Again ), Hermey: 'What do we do top a tree ) he! Happily hopping ) 'It sure is his dentistry book, opens a window and... Hide himself on an Island and even though I 'm your instructor, I want to pull sleigh.: the Bumble sinks of presents ♪fame and fortune, fame and fortune.♪They be. Some of you worry your heads about Santa call him names I was n't very lucky today, was?... Are worrying about their son up a book of dentistry ) `` Wait a minute '' from... Come true Rankin Jr.. with Red Skelton, Frank Gorshin and Morey lend... Busy with lessons in Elf improvement home with me behind you they never let poor join. '' the Bumble sinks cast of characters friend Or two a winged lion is flying ``... ( all the fawn shout ) one at a time the reindeer. headfirst into a snowbank, but perhaps. N'T have any idea about what they were letting themselves in for knight who helps search...

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