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Please turn off all cell phones before arrival to preserve the tranquility of your salon experience!

1. What should I wear?
Body Care does supply robes and boxer shorts for men. Otherwise, wear what makes you feel most comfortable, for example, a bathing suit etc. Robes and towels will be provided for you, which you may wear over your undergarments. Your body will remain draped throughout the treatment with only the area being worked on exposed. Men can bring their own boxer shorts or wear the ones provided. (In the case of men, we do not work in the pelvic area. For men it is compulsory to wear shorts as we do not work on naked men for obvious reasons.)

2. When should I arrive?
We suggest that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow you the opportunity to find parking, fill in our client treatment card, to change and to let the staff know of any special requests or questions that you might have. Salon clients can enjoy a relaxing shower beforehand or indulge themselves in some complimentary refreshments.

3. What if I need to cancel my appointment?
We understand that situations arise where sometimes appointments need to be canceled or moved. To provide the best in customer service for all of our valued clients we request a 24-hour cancellation notice period. Service charges could be applied to clients who do not honor their appointments.

4. What if I am late?
If you find yourself running late for an appointment, please call our reception and let them know so that they can inform your therapist to see if it would affect any other scheduled appointments on the day. We will always make a valiant effort to accommodate and treat you for the full period of time if possible. Unfortunately your treatment might still end on the scheduled time so as not to inconvenience any other clients after you who have arrived on time.

5. How far in advance should I book my appointment?
We recommend all clients to schedule their appointments one week in advance if they want an appointment on a week day, and 2 to 3 weeks in advance for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We highly recommend the pre-booking of your next appointment before leaving the salon if you want to see a specific therapist or avoid disappointment. Unscheduled walk-ins clients are most welcome but can only be accommodated where space and time permits.

6. May I request a specific therapist?
We always want you to feel comfortable with all of our professional staff but we will gladly schedule you with whomever you would feel the most relaxed with. If you have a preference, we suggest you call at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the day you would like to book to make sure the specific therapist is available.

7. What about my jewelry and valuables?
It is recommended that you do not bring your valuable to a treatment or that you  lock away all valuables and cell phones in the lockers we provide and keep the key with you at all times. We cannot be held responsible for missing or lost items.

8. Are children allowed in the salon?
We have a child supervision and play facility in the Centurion branch. Here your children can play with the toys provided, watch Disney DVDs or colour in while our staff keep an eye on them so you can enjoy your treatment. Please feel free to make use of the children’s toys at both our branches.

9. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, Visa and Master Card Credit Cards and their Debit Cards. Internet payments need to be done at least three days in advance and only by prior arrangement. Proof will have to be brought in as well as verified by us before treatment will be allowed. Sorry no checks will be accepted!

10. Who can help me decide about my treatments?
Our staff can! They are trained herein and will gladly assist you with skin consultations, evaluations, explanations and recommendations. Complimentary 15 minute consultations are available if booked in advance