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Body Cares offers a large variety of Detox, Slimming and De-stress programs tailored to your individual needs. Our carefully selected programs and extended business hours will accommodate even the busiest schedule. We Specialise in De-stress Packages, Massages, Hot Stone Therapy, Baby Massage, Skin Care, Bridal Packages, Slimming, Detoxification, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures

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Body Care Beauty Salon
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Body Care is the brain child of Andre & Jackie Coetzee.

After spending seven years working for Body Therapy, first as a therapist, then as a manager and later as an area manager, Jackie Coetzee decided to open her own salon. Two years of waiting for the right opportunity to arrive paid off when they found investors and the Body Care Wellness Centre was born. Body Care is owned by Andre Coetzee, Elmien van Wyk and Dieter Wienand

The initial Centurion salon design and layout was done by Andre & Jackie. This was later refined and finalised by a talented shop designer, decorator and architect.

On the 29th of April 2004 Body Care Centurion first opened its doors.

Since then, and with the support of loyal customers, Body Care has grown to become the first Guinot Accredited Salon in South Africa. We are also an Environ Recommended Salon and a major supplier of both product ranges. In September 2005, we won the Guinot Prestige Salon Award and in 2006 the Business Excellence Award. Since then Body Care has gone from strength to strength


Constructed along the lines of the traditional beauty salon, Body Care
has very unique features that will make it your salon of choice:

Most of the treatment rooms are much more spacious than a traditional salon. (This helps you relax as you do not feel squeezed in, crowded or cramped.)

The rooms are totally enclosed and sound proofing was used where necessary. (This allows us to control the environment and create an unique experience for most of your senses without outside interference)

The Centurion branch has a children's facility where you can leave your children while getting a relaxing treatment (This allows you to take a well deserved break while we keep the kids busy.)

Mineral water (hot and/or cold), herbal tea, hot chocolate and Milo is always available to our guests (We would like to involve all five your senses (Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) when you have treatments with us, here we start with taste.)

We have a double massage room where couples, partners and even friends can experience a treatment together. (How many times have you wanted to share a specific experience or connect better with you loved one or friend, here is your chance.)

We have a workshop room where quarterly sessions are held, to small groups (maximum 10) of guests, demonstrating treatments, products and techniques. (Arrange a session for friends or family and get to see first hand how we do things and why.)

We have a day package room where you can be pampered all day long. (Booking a day package includes a healthy lunch and exotic treatments for you to break away from every day life without leaving the city.)

Our reception area consist of comfortable seating and refreshments. (Please don't leave us when you have had your treatment, stay longer and enjoy some refreshments.)
Come visit us and experience a difference in wellness treatments.

The Body Care Wellness Centre is a Beauty Salon that specialises in Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Massage Therapy and Relaxation Treatments. It was started in 2004 and already has won many awards. Located in the beautiful Centurion Mall, South Africa and Waterkloof, Body Care is a sensory experience. At our Beauty Salons we have gone to great lengths to make your visit memorable.

Our Beauty Salon has spacious massage treatment rooms. Our Beauty Salon treatment rooms are totally enclosed and we control the environment through music, lighting, temperature and incense to give you a wonderful experience.

The Beauty Salon has a child watching facility where parents, especially single parents, can leave their children and also enjoy some beauty treatments.

If somebody is waiting for you at our beauty salon during a treatment, they are welcome to our refreshing herbal teas and SABS approved mineral water while they browse our selection of magazines. The beauty salon has a wide variety of herbal tea and the SABS approved mineral water comes hot or cold. Our salon customers are also welcome to enjoy these while they wait to receive a treatment. The beauty salon waiting area always has the latest men’s and woman’s magazines for you to browse.

Our Beauty Salon therapists are all qualified and highly skilled to deliver treatments that you will enjoy. These include skin care, massage therapy, relaxation treatments, pedicures, manicures, waxing and facials. Body Care is an accredited Environ Beauty Salon as well as the major supplier of Dermalogica and Guinot products in the Centurion area.

Our Beauty Salons are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Come visit us and be treated like royalty.

Contact Body Care Wellness Centre at:
Centurion Mall: (012) 643 0692
Monument Park Shopping Centre (Waterkloof): (012) 460 6855